21 July 2015

Blog Love #3

I'm all for supporting other bloggers, and I'm always very appreciative when someone else shows my blog some love, so I'm aiming to "show the love" to fellow bloggers by dedicating at least one post per month to some of my favourite blogs.

Recently Discovered:
Emily's Collection Of Tangents by Emily.

I recently discovered Emily's blog and have been enjoying her many lifestyle and natural beauty posts! I really enjoyed reading her latest "Pictures From My Week" post.

Old Favourite:
xclaireabella by Claire.

I have been following Claire's blog for some time now and love her great fashion sense and lovely lifestyle posts! I loved reading about her recent trip to Bettys Tea Room.

Sustainable Living:
Curiously Conscious by Besma.

Besma writes this wonderful blog about eco-friendly, sustainable living and healthy eating. I found her recent post about organic food to be really informative and an interesting read!

Which other blogs should I be reading? Leave your favourite links below!


  1. Aww thanks Em!! That's so sweet of you :-) I'll deffinitely be checking these other bloggers out.

  2. Thank you so much! I love the look of the other blogs too! :) x

    1. You're welcome, Emily! Hope you enjoy checking out the other blogs. xxx


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