18 July 2015

Bedroom Makeover: Before + After

For the last six months or so, I have been slowly collecting bits and pieces for a little bedroom makeover. We live in a privately-rented property, so can't go all-out in the decorating department. We are currently saving up a deposit towards a mortgage on our own property, but until then, I wanted to have a mini makeover in the bedroom. My vision of a perfect bedroom is a clean, simplistic style with added luxe touches and textures. I would love a feature wall with glittery grey wallpaper! Obviously I cannot complete my vision in a rental property, but this mini makeover will act as a starting point for our next property.

Here are the before and after photos!
Under £100.
What we bought:
x2 Chevron Cushions, £9.99 each - TK Maxx
Rose Gold Be Happy Cushion, £7 - George @ Asda
x2 Oxford Edge Double Duvet Sets, £25 each (got one for £20!) - Tesco
Cream Floral 3 Tier Drawer Unit, £9.99 - Dunelm Mill
Cream Floral Pen Holder, £1.99 - Dunelm Mill
Grey Rose Jewellery Stand, £12 £6 - BHS

Wall canvases, FREE - taken from other room
Floral bouquet, FREE - my wedding bouquet

Total Cost:

As you can see, there are not a lot of huge changes, but I love the new crisp, white bedding with a grey satin edge, the rose gold lettered cushion, and the practical yet pretty beauty and jewellery storage. I am considering getting another set of the drawers, so I can put my make-up in there as well as my daily beauty products. Oh, and perhaps Dean could have a drawer?

Other things I would change if I could:
I'd change the beech-wood wardrobes for grey wood, with a better layout.
I'd remove the beech-wood desk shelf and get myself a proper dressing table and french-style chair.
I'd have a feature wall of grey glitter behind the bed.

So there you have it... a mini makeover on a mini budget!


  1. Oh wow, it looks fantastic! x

  2. Lovely makeover Emma, I like things to be crisp and contemporary too. You’ve made it really homely as well I love the little details you have incorporated. It was nice to get a sneak peek what products you had on your dresser, I spotted some lovely perfumes and skincare. I was thinking about doing a room tour/recently decorated bedroom blog post. This has inspired to do this! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you, Helen! Glad you enjoyed this post. :) Looking forward to your room tour! xxx


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