17 June 2015

My Top 10 Summer Essentials

With the arrival of summer, this means longer, sunnier days, and warmer weather, which brings more opportunities to get out and about! I'm looking forward to exploring our local area more this year.

Here are my top ten summer essentials:
1. With the devilishly bright sunshine, especially first thing in the morning, sunglasses are a must. I finally purchased a proper pair of prescription sunglasses last year, and I love them! The only annoying thing is that when walking around a town, I have to swap back to normal glasses or walk around blindly when we enter shops!
2. My spring/summer make-up look tends to be very natural and minimal, but I love to have the focus on my lip product, and this time round, I will be keeping my newly purchased ZOEVA lip crayon in "tender rose" with me at all times! It's a gorgeous shade. During summer, I often opt for a brighter lip.
3. Keeping the dreaded shine at bay is a must, so I dust Lily Lolo's "flawless matte" mineral finishing powder all over my finished make-up look to increase its longevity and to absorb excess oils.
4. Exfoliating is really important (all year round, actually!), especially with the increase of regular hair removal at this time of year. So before the shaving/waxing commences, make sure you've exfoliated well to remove all the dead skin cells and dry patches. I love a hard-working scrub for my body, and I'm currently using The Body Shop's Chocomania body scrub.
5. Keeping with the hair removal theme here, once you're done, you need to lock in moisture and soothe your skin, especially after waxing, so make sure you have a deeply nourishing and hydrating body lotion or butter on hand. I really like using my LUSH Percup massage bar, as it is extremely moisturising!
6. I also like to keep my hands looking their best, and they're still suffering from winter's harsh effects, so I like to use FoM London's age-defying hand scrub a couple of times a week to encourage softer, newer skin, and improve the overall condition.
7. I like to have a fragrance mist handy for a quick freshen-up and cool-down. I love my Victoria's Secret strawberries & champagne fragrance mist, as it adds a sweet scent while making me feel refreshed.
8. I love wearing dresses whenever possible, so I always like to have a few nice options around for spring and summer. My favourite one in my wardrobe is this paisley number from Dorothy Perkins!
9. Unfortunately the weather can still be a little unpredictable, so I like to keep my cute and lightweight Primark umbrella print parka handy, just in case of any downpours!
10. Staying hydrated is very important, especially if you're out in the sun and warmth a lot. Plus, we all want perfect skin, and we know the benefits that water has in that department! I've recently started popping a slice of cucumber in my glass of water, as opposed to a slice of lemon, which I'm not that keen on. Cucumber water is a really refreshing and healthy beverage!

What are your summer essentials?


  1. I love the cucumber water tip! I'll have to try that. x

    1. It's really refreshing! Hope you like it. :) xxx

  2. Love the parka! It's so cute :-) I need one of the VS mists! I love the scents, they're insanely good, but I've never actually ought one. Glad your loving your Zoeva lip crayon!! X

    1. Thanks, Claire! Yeah, I really want to try more of the VS sprays, too. :) xxx


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