21 June 2015

Bloggers: My Pet Peeves

A list of my blogger-related pet peeves!
1. Apologising constantly. I hate when every other post on a blog is the blogger apologising for their lack of posting recently. This just shows that you're not committed to your blog, and by constantly apologising like this, you're only drawing attention to this fact!
2. Lack of new content. I agree with quality over quantity, but I feel that a blog should have at least one or two posts published per week.
3. Bad grammar. Don't get me started on this. Learn the difference between their and there, your and you're, definitely and defiantly, and maybe I'll take a second look at your blog. Seriously though, I can't stand bad grammar and constant spelling mistakes!
4. Lack of negative beauty reviews. Unless you're extremely lucky, you will occasionally come across a disappointing product. I love reading great, rave reviews, but I also like to know which products I may wish to avoid spending my hard-earned cash on! Don't be afraid to post negative reviews.
5. Unrelated sponsored posts. Don't take on sponsored posts just for the sake of it - or to make a bit of cash! If the content is completely unrelated to you and your blog, don't do it! To me, these types of posts are just the same as an annoying ad or spam email.
6. Tiny photographs. I want to see your photos! And I don't want to have to click on them to enlarge them, either. Make the most of your layout and match the width of your photos to width of your blog posts.
What are your blogging pet peeves?


  1. loving the notebook and the lovely pen !!

    great tips I agree on all of them ..apart perhaps grammar as I am French and I do make grammar mistakes (in English) but I am getting better.
    I hate when peoples put tiny pics too, it drives me insane. :)


    1. Thanks, Marie! If it's not your first language, grammar mistakes are acceptable! :) xxx

  2. Really good post Emma and honest too ;-) I struggle with grammar myself so have been careful of this for my own blog. You made a lot of great points though especially number one, ahh that annoys me lol :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog


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