14 June 2015

8 Under The Weather Pick-Me-Ups

I've just finished a week of horrendously busy and stressful night shifts, and after my sleep on Friday morning, I woke up with a sore throat, stuffy nose, and headache. Lovely. Just as well I've got a week off to try and recover! I thought I'd share some things that help me when I'm feeling run-down and under the weather.
1. Herbal teas. The warmth of a herbal tea is comforting, and the steam helps to clear your airways. Plus, they have many beneficial properties, depending on which variety you opt for.
2. A long, hot bath. Again, the steam from a hot bath with help clear your airways. I find baths really soothing and comforting, helping to ease aching muscles. A bath without excess bubbles just won't do!
3. A face mask. Preferably of the gently warming kind. These are really relaxing and calming, plus they will help clear congested skin.
4. A short stroll. I find going for a short walk helps, as the fresh air wakes you up a little and you get some much-needed vitamin D from the sunlight.
5. Chocolate. Sometimes you really do need a chocolate fix. My favourite is a few (too many) pieces of a Green & Black's organic chocolate bar. This gives me a little energy boost and makes me happy!
6. Fruit. Getting a regular dose of vitamins is essential, especially while feeling unwell, so I try to up my fruit intake.
7. Drinking more water. Staying well hydrated is always important, but more so when you're suffering from a bad cold. Drinking water will keep your skin hydrated and help to ease headaches.
8. Rest. Getting enough rest and not overdoing it will help you recover. I'm not saying to stay in bed all day long, but take it easy and if you feel exhausted, take a nap!

What are your under the weather pick-me-ups?


  1. Rest is my number one fix-all! I never take time to let my body heal so I find a day in bed works wonders! x

    1. Definitely! It's great when you wake up feeling so much better. xxx

  2. This is a great post - sorry that you feel unwell, I hope you feel better soon! Xx

    1. Thank you, Kate! I think I'm nearly over it - just contending with the sore throat now, and an unfortunate lack of taste! xxx


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