27 June 2015

5 Healthy Snacks To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

(Just a quick note to say I am currently visiting family in Scotland, so I won't be posting regularly this week!)

We all have those days where we are really craving something sweet. For me, it's always chocolate! And sometimes I'll go and have some chocolate, but sometimes I like to try and get my fix from something a little healthier, but just as delicious!

Here are just five of my favourite snacks to satisfy my sweet tooth cravings:
1. Homemade smoothies. I've really enjoyed experimenting with nut butter smoothies with a frozen banana base. The smoothie pictured above is a recipe from Besma's blog, Curiously Conscious.
2. Avocado brownies. With no flour or butter, these gluten-free goodies are a great substitute for the average brownie! Check out my recipe here.
3. Yeo Valley organic vanilla yoghurt topped with chocolate shavings, granola, nuts, fruit, or cereal (I love Jordan's cereals!).
4. Porridge with chocolate shavings; porridge is really filling and if you're craving something sweet, why not crumble some chocolate on top or add some chocolate chips?
5. Mixed fresh fruit drizzled with honey or maple syrup.

What are your favourite healthy alternatives to satisfy those sweet tooth cravings?


  1. Those brownies look yum!! I want to get more into baking, I used to do it quite regularly but it's fizzled out a bit tbh. I might give these a go, they look delish!! Have an amazing time back up in Scotland :-)


    1. Thanks, Claire! I was really pleasantly surprised by the avocado brownies. I want to try sweet potato ones next! xxx

  2. These are some great idea :) I love sneaking fruit and veg into baking-your brownies look amazing! I often put fruit on porridge but I've never tried chocolate, I'm going to have to give it a go :) xx

    1. Thanks, Lucianna! Chocolate on porridge has to be done! :) xxx


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