06 May 2015

The Weekly Wish List

1. Ravenscourt Apothecary Egyptian Mint & Eucalyptus Dead Sea Bathing Salts, £8/200g
These bathing salts sound like they would be really refreshing! I love the packaging.
2. Delizioso Skincare Iris Camouflage Wand Concealer, £14.31/10ml
I haven't completely transitioned into using only powder base products, as I realised I am missing one important component in my make-up stash - a concealer! This natural concealer contains raw anti-ageing antioxidants and extracts, helping to boost circulation and give a brighter under eye area.
3. Earth Conscious Men's Natural Organic Deodorant, £4.99
I'm still, still, still looking for the perfect natural deodorant! I think the perfect deodorant and dental products are the hardest to find when switching to natural. I chose the men's deodorant as it contains spearmint and peppermint oils, which would make for a lovely, fresh scent!
4. LUSH Honey I Washed My Hair Shampoo Bar, £5.75/55g
I don't know why I haven't tried a shampoo bar before, as it seems like a good money-saving option. This one immediately had my attention, due to the toffee scent! It's meant to add shine and softness to your hair.
5. Love Weaves Cracked Clutch Bag, £14.99
I really love the cracked texture on this clutch, plus the grey colour would work with loads of outfits.
6. George @ ASDA Floral Flippy Skirt, £14
I own zero skirts. I like this navy floral print one a lot. I need to experiment with skirts!

What's at the top of your wish list this week?


  1. Ooh that skirt is so pretty! I have the Earth Conscious deodorant (the ladies one though!) and it works really well. I think I would probably prefer the scent of the men's one though so I'd have a look at buying that one next!

    1. Ah, glad you're finding the deodorant works well! I'm hoping to purchase it this month. I'm kind of getting bored of the usual essential oil blend scents in natural deodorants, and the men's mint-scented one stood out to me! I hope I love it. xxx

  2. That Asda skirt is lovely!

    1. It is, and such a bargain, too! :) xxx


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