09 May 2015

Shop My Stash: Chocolate

Today's shop my stash post is focusing on all of my chocolate beauty products! Chocolate is my favourite thing to eat, so it'll come as no surprise that I also love chocolate as a scent! Beauty products with a chocolate element immediately appeal to me; chocolate just adds that luxury touch. You can check out my stash of berry items here.
The Body Shop Chocomania Body Scrub, £13/200ml
This scrub smells just like chocolate brownies - delicious! It's a sugar-based scrub which is abrasive enough for a good exfoliate, getting rid of dead skin cells and smoothing your skin. It does get pretty messy in the shower, though!
(The Chocomania range no longer seems available online, so I've linked to the cocoa butter version.)
frank Cacao Coffee Scrub, £12.95/200g
I'm yet to try this, as I'm finishing up other products first. I can imagine it'll be pretty messy, but hopefully really effective, too! This is meant to be great at targeting cellulite!
Badger Cocoa Butter Vanilla Bean Lip Balm, £6.80/7g
This lip balm has replaced my previous favourite, Dr. Bronner's peppermint lip balm, which is saying something! The texture is so silky and moisturising and I love the chocolatey vanilla scent.
Faith In Nature Chocolate Shower Gel & Bath Foam, £5.60/400ml
This has quite a thin formula, but it lathers well and has a rich chocolate scent with a hint of vanilla. I prefer to keep multi-use products like this just for the shower, as they last me longer that way.

What are your favourite chocolate beauty products?

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