28 April 2015

The London Trip (Part Two)

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On day three, we visited Buckingham Palace and London bridge, where we're pretty certain we spotted David Cameron in the back of a posh car, along with police escorts who cleared the road before his arrival.
We had an early lunch in McDonald's, then we went to Marylebone high street, looking for the shopping village, which we then assumed was just the collection of shops on the high street. I couldn't find Content Beauty, which had been recommended to me by Sandra from Beauty Balm, which was rather disappointing! But never mind. I did pop into Neal's Yard Remedies and Primark, making purchases in both.
Then it was time to head on over to The Prince Of Wales Theatre to see The Book Of Mormon musical! Created by the makers of South Park, it was as offensive and hilarious as expected!
We were thrilled to spot Bubba Gump's just across the street, as I'd been hoping to try it. Inspired by the film, Forrest Gump, the interior was great, quirky and full of inspiration from the film. The staff were very enthusiastic and welcoming. Now, I must admit, I'm not a seafood person, but I knew there were alternative options, which is why we still visited. For starters, we ordered Frizzled Onion Strings, £4.50, which were delicious and came with a barbeque and a sour cream sauce for dipping. We also ordered the Shrimp Shack Mac & Cheese, £8.25, just to try. I wasn't a fan of the shrimps, I'm afraid, but the mac and cheese was yummy. For the mains, Dean chose the Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich, £11.75, and I chose the Texas Cajun Chicken Sandwich, £11.75, which both came with a side of fries. We both really enjoyed our mains; the cajun sauce was gorgeous! I just had to order the Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae, £6.25, which was amazing! I couldn't quite finish it, as it was such a big portion. Dean sampled it, too, but didn't order a dessert. We just opted for soft drinks, which were about £2.50 each, with free refills. Our bill came in at over £50, as until researching it now, we were unaware that a 10% discretionary service charge is automatically added to each order! So, yes, we did think it was somewhat over-priced, but we did enjoy our Bubba Gump's experience. And while walking through Leicester square that evening, heading for the tube back to our room, I walked right past Jasmyn Banks (Eastenders' Alice Branning)! So happy I saw a famous person, haha.
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Day four was an early start to make our way to Euston station to catch the train to Watford Junction, ready to go check out the Warner Bros. studios in Leavesden for the Harry Potter tour! I've been so looking forward to this! It was very, very busy, so we were queued up for some time, but it was great when the tour finally got started. It was surreal to be wandering around, looking at the actual sets that the Harry Potter cast had used during filming! And it was amazing to see how much work and effort goes into creating everything that you see on screen. I had saved spending all my money shopping in London so that I could purchase a few items in the gift shop, but everything was heavily overpriced, so I was really disappointed! We literally bought a box of Fudge Flies and a Dobby fridge magnet! Still, it was a great experience.
We also had lunch in the Backlot cafe, which is situated about half-way through the tour. We each had a hotdog and a Butterbeer, which was really yummy! We used the shuttle bus service from the station to the studios which cost £2 each for a return ticket. We caught the train back to Euston station, then caught the next train back to Gillingham, Dorset at 5:20pm. It was a horribly overcrowded train with at least 20 people standing for well over an hour! And on this journey of over two hours, I started to slowly but surely feel increasingly worse and now have a lovely cold/flu-like virus! It was a really exhausting trip, so I was happy to be at home taking it easy before returning to work on Monday night.


  1. Loving the new layout here Em it looks fab!
    Glad you had a nice time in London - We always stay at the Easyhotels there, I think they have 4 or 5 in London. They're so much cheaper than anywhere else in London. The quality isn't 5 star obviously, but they're super duper clean & always really close to attractions which is good.
    I went to the Warner Bros studios last year, but couldn't bring ourselves to try the butterbeer. It really doesn't look nice at all, well to me anyway! Ha. We didn't buy anything in the gift shop, everything's ridiculously pricey isn't it.


    1. Thanks, Claire, I felt like a bit of a change! :) Ah, thank you for the recommendation, will definitely check out Easyhotels in future. The butterbear was really nice; like butterscotch and cream soda, really sweet! I was so disappointed at the prices in the gift shop; probably find cheaper online. xxx

  2. Blog looks lovely Emma as does your trip to london! Great you had such a fun time - I'm looking forward to seeing what you bought in Neal's Yard xx

    1. Thank you, Avril! I shall be posting quite a lengthy monthly purchases post in the next few days! :) xxx

  3. Another great post! Thank you for all the extra info on the different places you visited. I imagine anyone visiting London would find it helpful. Bubba Gump sounds amazing and so envious about your visit to the Harry Potter tour. Glad you seemed to have an enjoyable time! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Thanks so much, Helen! :) I'd definitely recommend visiting Bubba Gump as it's a great experience, as is the Harry Potter tour! It made me want to watch the films all over again; I'll be having a few marathon nights watching them all soon! :) xxx


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