27 March 2015

Shop My Stash: Berries

Today's shop my stash post is focusing on all of my berry beauty products! I love products with a berry scent; I think strawberry and raspberry are my favourites! You can check out my stash of coconut products here.
Crazy Rumors Raspberry Sherbert Lip Balm, £3.49/4.2g
This is a really lovely, 100% natural lip balm with a sweet raspberry ripple ice-cream scent! It's really moisturising, thanks to the macadamia seed oil, jojoba seed oil, olive oil, and shea butter. This is also vegan!
The Body Shop Strawberry Lip Butter, £4/9g
This creamy lip butter has a gorgeously sweet and fruity strawberry scent. The ingredients list isn't brilliant, but it does contain shea butter, beeswax, and strawberry seed oil. I prefer to apply this overnight, as it does leave a visible layer on your lips. I'm not too keen on the pot packaging, as I prefer a more hygienic option, but it does have a screw-top lid so it's secure.
The Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter, £13/200ml
 This body butter has a really thick, creamy texture and smells just like raspberry yoghurt! This is really hydrating and I prefer to use this overnight. This contains shea butter, cocoa seed butter, and raspberry seed oil.
The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter, £13/200ml
I haven't used this yet, but it's got quite a subtle, creamy strawberry scent and I'm sure it's just and rich as the other body butters. This contains shea butter, cocoa butter, and strawberry seed oil.
The Body Shop Frosted Cranberry Shower Gel, £/250ml
I've not used this as yet. It has a sweet, fresh and fruity scent, and is made with cranberry extract and Fair Trade honey. It does contain SLS, which is unfortunate.
Original Source Blackcurrant & Moringa Oil Moisturising Shower Gel, £2.70/250ml
I bought this a while back due to the moisturising claims. I really don't like the strong blackcurrant scent and I didn't find this to be at all moisturising or different from a usual shower gel; I was surprised it has a gel formula, as I would expect something highly moisturising to come in a cream form.
Treacle Moon Iced Strawberry Dream Bath & Shower Gel, £2.99/500ml
This shower gel has a lovely, creamy formula and has a sweet strawberry scent. This also contains SLS and other undesirable ingredients.
I Love... Raspberry & Blackberry Bubble Bath & Shower Crème, £2.99/500ml
I haven't used this product yet, but oh my, it smells gorgeous! I hope it's bubbly enough to use in the bath! Again, this contains SLS, but is paraben free.
I Love... Strawberries & Cream Exfoliating Shower Smoothie, £2.99/200ml
This has quite a synthetic strawberry scent and does contain SLS. It contains almond shell to exfoliate, and is paraben free.
Victoria's Secret Strawberries & Champagne Fragrance Mist, £7.51/250ml
This is a lovely, refreshing body mist which does genuinely smell of strawberries and champagne!

What are your favourite berry beauty products?


  1. Hi Emma! How are you? I enjoyed this post, there’s lots of products to choose from. I like how you have mentioned specific ingredients where possible. I love the body shop body butters. I’ve noticed a few new Original Source products about which I’m eager to try and I’m curious about their body butters too. I love all the packaging. Great post! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Hi Helen, I'm good thanks, you? Glad you enjoyed the post! The Original Source liquorice body scrub sounds interesting. I really love their vanilla & raspberry hand wash! Ooh, I didn't know they did body butters. xxx


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