31 March 2015

March At A Glance + A Few Of My Favourite Things

March got off to a great start, then a couple of weeks ago things really went downhill and I was a walking stress ball! Then things started to slowly get better again towards the end of the month. All of my current worries and stresses are work-related, and I am working hard to rectify that in the shape of a new career path. One thing that has helped bring my spirits up again is the lovely sunny days that we've had recently, and my husband brought home fresh flowers for me two days in a row, which was lovely! At the very beginning of the month, we and two friends went to the live Stewart Lee comedy show, "A Room With A Stew", at the Octagon Theatre in Yeovil, which we all thoroughly enjoyed! We also saw Kingsman: The Secret Service and Insurgent in the cinema this month. We really enjoyed Kingsman; the lead role was acted really well by Taron Egerton, and Colin Firth's appearance was brilliant. Insurgent, which is the sequel to Divergent, was pretty terrible! I really took a disliking to the lead actress, Shailene Woodley, and I felt that she and Theo James had no chemistry between them to make their characters' apparent love for each other believable. Also, her hair looked ridiculous, it has to be said! A group of people actually got up and left the cinema about half way through.
Some films we watched at home which we really enjoyed this month were, The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet, Safety Not Guaranteed, and Labor Day.

Easter eggs consumed: 2
Willpower not to eat Easter eggs: nil

And onto this month's favourites:
I have started drinking green tea and have found some lovely varieties; Twinings Salted Caramel Green Tea being my favourite! And while we're on the subject of drinks, Douwe Egberts Enticing Chocolate Coffee is yummy, too!
I've really been enjoying using my LUSH Percup Massage Bar to help keep my skin soft and hydrated, and I am starting to enjoy the unusual scent!

How was your March?


  1. Lovely pictures! You look really fit! :)
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  2. Your fitness progress is amazing!

    1. Thank you, Laura! Really proud of myself. :) xxx

  3. Wow you can tell someone's been workout out! ;) I went to see Insurgent but I haven't read the book so I don't know how it was different but thought it was pretty good! x

    1. Thank you! :) Yeah, I haven't read the books either, but I think it was mostly me taking a disliking to the actress, haha. xxx


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