11 March 2015

Guest Post: Claire's Fragrance Collection

Hi guys. I’m Claire from xclaireabella, and today (& hopefully not for one day only) I’ll be collaborating with Emma in doing a bit of a blog swap. On Just Emma today I’ll be letting you guys have a nosey into my perfume collection, as Emma will be doing on xclaireabella so if you want to have a peek at hers go check it out.

Firstly let me start by saying, I have a very love hate relationship with perfume!... I absolutely love using it, smelling it, lathering myself all up in it, but I hate (absolutely hate) paying for it. I wish perfume wasn't so god darn expensive! The vast majority of the perfumes I've owned have been bought as Christmas or Birthday presents. I see it as a little piece of luxury you wouldn't necessarily buy for yourself, so I think it makes for a great present for somebody…. Mothers Day’s coming up folks.
Lets take a look into my perfume collection...

There was a girl I went to University with who swore by this perfume, she was a trendy type & it sounds bad to say, but I couldn't help but copy. Womanity is a very feminine & sweet scent, it’s quite young smelling so I’d say it’s perfect for a twenty-something like myself.  As well as being quite sweet Womanity has hints of woody scents which gives it more depth & sexiness. It’s certainly a womanly scent. I'd recognise this scent anywhere now, for me it’s so recognisable – I used to be this way with Cacharels’Amor Amor, which was one of my favourites, but this seems to have taken over. Thierry Mugler bottles are always very distinctive & the offerings from the Womanity range are just beautiful. My 30ml bottle is pretty  much on it’s
last legs at the moment so this is definitely going on my Birthday wish list…
Unless anyone wants to buy it for me in the mean time?
DKNY | Red Delicious
Again another present, this time from my bestie Jen! I've always been fond of DKNY's branding of their Delicious collection, I love the apple shaped bottle, not only is it really lovely to look at, but it's really easy and natural to hold. Obviously Red Delicious is predominantly apple based however with this perfume, there are summer fruit undertones to it which makes for a really fresh, fruity & zingy scent. For me, Red Delicious is very much a Spring/Summer scent so I'll definitely be getting much more use out of this in the next few weeks. I've not actually tried anything else from the Delicious range, I always keep coming back to this one, I should probably experiment a little more to be honest, but I just love the scent of Red Delicious. I always get compliments when wearing this perfume too, it seems to be a very popular scent, so if you've not tried it, go give it a sniff!
Jimmy Choo | Jimmy Choo
I received this from my lovely boyfriend at Christmas time, completely unaware of how it was going to smell. He usually buys me Prada Candy L'Eau, so I think he was a bit nervous about presenting me with this Jimmy Choo perfume, luckily for him (and for me)... It's stunning! Jimmy Choo is a very rich, musky & sexy scent - I don't really own anything like this perfume as I normally go for sweet playful scents, but I absolutely adore this perfume. This is my go to scent for evenings out or date nights, it's the perfect night time scent! Looks wise the Jimmy Choo bottle is lovely, however I am left feeling they could have been a tad more inventive with their design. Maybe that's just me being picky though...
The Library of Fragrance | Peach
A perfume I actually paid for with my own hard earned cash! Hallelujah! I was out doing my usual browse through Boots a few weeks ago when I stumbled across The Library of Fragrance, a brand I have never heard of but whose display stand really caught my attention. I loved the simplicity of the packaging along with the huge (honestly there's loads) number of scents available. The scents ranged all the way from Grass, to Fresh Laundry, to Fireplace & honestly, let me tell you, they smell exactly like they say they're going to! I know this sounds stupid to say, but mine really really smells of Peach, it's ridiculously peachy! I'm so impressed with the whole range! At the moment Boots are offering 2 for £25.00 so I'll probably pop through again to pick up some more! I'm absolutely over the moon with this Peach scent, it's so lovely & fresh and really super duper easy to wear!
Jack Wills | Hope Cove Body Mist
Now for a body mist!... This is something I keep in my handbag at all times, you know for those emergency times when we just need a bit of a freshen up. I've not used any Jack Wills scents before but after receiving this in a gift set I've really become dependent on it. Unfortunately it's not available to buy on its own but it is available in a trio gift set selection, which I can definitely imagine the other two smelling equally as delicious. Hope Cove is a very floral scent, which instantly leaves you feeling fresh & ready for a working day! I think this is a lovely little product & would make an excellent present for somebody.

So there we have it, there's my (pretty small) perfume collection. If you've tried any of these I'd love to know what you think? Or even if you could advise me on any of the other DKNY Delicious perfumes, that'd be amazing!

Lots of love & hopefully see you soon | Claireabella.x

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