17 March 2015

Cleansing Pads: Reusable vs. Disposable

I've used disposable cotton pads for over ten years. Up until recently, the thought had never occurred to me that there was a much more environmentally-friendly option: reusable cleansing pads! I don't think this product is widely acknowledged, so I'm hoping to enlighten and convert a few of you!

Disposable cotton wool pads are such a waste of money, in reality, plus they are not very Eco-friendly. Replacing disposable cleansing pads with reusable ones will save so much money and will be kinder to the environment. I often find the variable quality of disposable pads can often make them a little harsh on the skin, plus they are really thin and much smaller than the reusable ones, so you will inevitably use more of them!
I bought my reusable cleansing pads from Love The Planet (£7 for a pack of 5) and these ones are made from cut-offs of a towel company. I've also seen ones made from the cut-offs of reusable nappies, where they cut out the leg holes! How clever. Waste not, want not!  The pads themselves are huge and so plush! Perfect for using with skincare products and for removing make-up. There are five pads in the pack, and they come with a handy net bag to protect them while in the washing machine.

I haven't tried removing nail polish with the reusable pads yet, and I think I will buy some coloured cleansing pads for this sole purpose, and keep them separate from the ones I use on my face.

Will you be making the switch to reusable cleansing pads?!


  1. Amazing! You write so interesting posts and make very beautiful photos! Like your blog!

    Diana Cloudlet

  2. The reusable pads seem amazing and worth the money! I tend to just use baby wipes to might have to give this a go
    Rebecca || Rebecca Marie | UK Lifestyle Blog
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    1. Yes, they are definitely great value for money and really good quality. Hope you decide to try them! :) xxx


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