31 March 2015

March At A Glance + A Few Of My Favourite Things

March got off to a great start, then a couple of weeks ago things really went downhill and I was a walking stress ball! Then things started to slowly get better again towards the end of the month. All of my current worries and stresses are work-related, and I am working hard to rectify that in the shape of a new career path. One thing that has helped bring my spirits up again is the lovely sunny days that we've had recently, and my husband brought home fresh flowers for me two days in a row, which was lovely! At the very beginning of the month, we and two friends went to the live Stewart Lee comedy show, "A Room With A Stew", at the Octagon Theatre in Yeovil, which we all thoroughly enjoyed! We also saw Kingsman: The Secret Service and Insurgent in the cinema this month. We really enjoyed Kingsman; the lead role was acted really well by Taron Egerton, and Colin Firth's appearance was brilliant. Insurgent, which is the sequel to Divergent, was pretty terrible! I really took a disliking to the lead actress, Shailene Woodley, and I felt that she and Theo James had no chemistry between them to make their characters' apparent love for each other believable. Also, her hair looked ridiculous, it has to be said! A group of people actually got up and left the cinema about half way through.
Some films we watched at home which we really enjoyed this month were, The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet, Safety Not Guaranteed, and Labor Day.

Easter eggs consumed: 2
Willpower not to eat Easter eggs: nil

And onto this month's favourites:
I have started drinking green tea and have found some lovely varieties; Twinings Salted Caramel Green Tea being my favourite! And while we're on the subject of drinks, Douwe Egberts Enticing Chocolate Coffee is yummy, too!
I've really been enjoying using my LUSH Percup Massage Bar to help keep my skin soft and hydrated, and I am starting to enjoy the unusual scent!

How was your March?

28 March 2015

The 30 Day Shred: My Experience + Results

I recently completed Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred, in an attempt to introduce a form of exercise into my life and tone up in all areas - mainly my stomach! I am really proud to say that I stuck at it for the full 30 days (I missed one day due to a technology issue, but added on another day), and have definitely been rewarded in terms of toning up and feeling fitter! I am very happy with the results and can safely say that this works!

During my very first workout of level 1, I pretty much collapsed about half-way through! I felt so unfit. But, I pushed through. Day two was so much easier, and after a few days I was doing well with the level 1 workout.

I found level 2 to be too fast-paced, but I did my best and stuck at it! I couldn't get through a workout without a quick breather, though!

Level 3 was surprisingly a little easier than level 2, and it had a steadier pace. I still couldn't get through a workout without a short break, but as you will see, this didn't affect the end results.

Before Shred - Day 8:
After the first eight days of doing the shred, I could visibly see a difference in my body; my waist was more defined, my stomach appeared flatter and overall I was starting to look more toned.

Day 8 - End Of Shred:
Sorry to blow my own trumpet, but wow! Just look at the difference. I am really surprised and extremely happy with the end result.

Before & After:


Overall, I wouldn't exactly say I enjoyed the 30 Day Shred, but at least it works! I didn't stick to a strict diet throughout the 30 days, but I do try to eat quite healthily in general. I didn't cut out anything from my diet, either, as I don't agree with cutting out your favourite foods - we all need a little reward now and again! Chocolate, anyone? I found Jillian annoying at times, but she does push you!

Inches Lost:
Calf: 0.5 inches
Thigh: 0.5 inches
Upper arm: 0 inches
Waist: 1.5 inches
Stomach: 2 inches
Total inches lost: 4.5 inches

My weight didn't really change much throughout the shred; I think I lost 2lbs at one point. I don't check my weight very often as it honestly doesn't really change! I'm more interested in how I feel and how I look to myself, than numbers. I am now about to embark on my yoga journey, and I will also be increasing my walks and doing some spinning at home.

Have you ever completed the 30 Day Shred - did it work for you?

If you have any questions about my experience with this workout, please do ask!

27 March 2015

Shop My Stash: Berries

Today's shop my stash post is focusing on all of my berry beauty products! I love products with a berry scent; I think strawberry and raspberry are my favourites! You can check out my stash of coconut products here.
Crazy Rumors Raspberry Sherbert Lip Balm, £3.49/4.2g
This is a really lovely, 100% natural lip balm with a sweet raspberry ripple ice-cream scent! It's really moisturising, thanks to the macadamia seed oil, jojoba seed oil, olive oil, and shea butter. This is also vegan!
The Body Shop Strawberry Lip Butter, £4/9g
This creamy lip butter has a gorgeously sweet and fruity strawberry scent. The ingredients list isn't brilliant, but it does contain shea butter, beeswax, and strawberry seed oil. I prefer to apply this overnight, as it does leave a visible layer on your lips. I'm not too keen on the pot packaging, as I prefer a more hygienic option, but it does have a screw-top lid so it's secure.
The Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter, £13/200ml
 This body butter has a really thick, creamy texture and smells just like raspberry yoghurt! This is really hydrating and I prefer to use this overnight. This contains shea butter, cocoa seed butter, and raspberry seed oil.
The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter, £13/200ml
I haven't used this yet, but it's got quite a subtle, creamy strawberry scent and I'm sure it's just and rich as the other body butters. This contains shea butter, cocoa butter, and strawberry seed oil.
The Body Shop Frosted Cranberry Shower Gel, £/250ml
I've not used this as yet. It has a sweet, fresh and fruity scent, and is made with cranberry extract and Fair Trade honey. It does contain SLS, which is unfortunate.
Original Source Blackcurrant & Moringa Oil Moisturising Shower Gel, £2.70/250ml
I bought this a while back due to the moisturising claims. I really don't like the strong blackcurrant scent and I didn't find this to be at all moisturising or different from a usual shower gel; I was surprised it has a gel formula, as I would expect something highly moisturising to come in a cream form.
Treacle Moon Iced Strawberry Dream Bath & Shower Gel, £2.99/500ml
This shower gel has a lovely, creamy formula and has a sweet strawberry scent. This also contains SLS and other undesirable ingredients.
I Love... Raspberry & Blackberry Bubble Bath & Shower Crème, £2.99/500ml
I haven't used this product yet, but oh my, it smells gorgeous! I hope it's bubbly enough to use in the bath! Again, this contains SLS, but is paraben free.
I Love... Strawberries & Cream Exfoliating Shower Smoothie, £2.99/200ml
This has quite a synthetic strawberry scent and does contain SLS. It contains almond shell to exfoliate, and is paraben free.
Victoria's Secret Strawberries & Champagne Fragrance Mist, £7.51/250ml
This is a lovely, refreshing body mist which does genuinely smell of strawberries and champagne!

What are your favourite berry beauty products?

26 March 2015

The Weekly Wish List

1. Sweet Cecily's Banoffee Flavour Lip Balm, £2.95/10ml
Thanks to Sandra at Beauty Balm for bringing this brand to my attention! They have a lovely selection of affordable, natural beauty products. This banoffee lip balm caught my eye! I love banoffee flavour, so this really appeals to me; as does the lovely list of ingredients!
2. George @ Asda Stripe Midi Skirt, £14
I need to experiment with skirts! I love the idea of this one; I think it could work well day or night and all year-round!
3. Zoeva Lip Crayon in Tender Rose, £5.95/2.8g
My preferred type of lip product when in need of colour is a lip crayon, rather than a lipstick; I find them easier to apply and less in-your-face, while still delivering on the colour front! This "tender rose" shade looks really gorgeous.
4. Yes To Coconut Protecting Hand & Cuticle Cream, £8/85g
Coconuts in hand creams seems like a no-brainer; they are widely acknowledged for their moisturising properties! I've tried Faith In Nature's coconut hand cream, and now I'd like to try this one! Yes To have a whole range of coconut products...
5. Red Herring Animal Bow Pumps, £15
I need new leopard print flats. Now that the warmer weather is slowly creeping in, I may want to ditch the socks and boots at some point, and I need some lovely flats to wear! I really love the soft texture of these, and the black bow is cute.
6. Cowshed Udderly Gorgeous Cooling Leg & Foot Treatment, £18.50/250ml
I'm more intrigued by this than any other reason for wanting to try it! It sounds really calming and would probably be great to apply after shaving. It's a little pricey though, so it can stay on my wish list until it goes in the sale, or until my birthday!

What's on your wish list this week?

25 March 2015

Steal Her Style: Cat Deeley

Wow, it's been ages since I've created a "Steal Her Style" post! Cat Deeley was looking ever so stylish recently, so I couldn't resist re-creating her perfect, laidback spring look! A very neutral colour palette, which is really simple to put together.
Dorothy Perkins Gladiator Strap Sandals, £29 £23.20
Mango Chain Bag, £34.99
Total Outfit Cost: £136.18

Would you like to see more Steal Her Style posts?

24 March 2015

Outfit: A Rose Print Dress

The husband and I popped out to Yeovil on Monday for a quick wander round the shops and for a spot of lunch at Frankie & Benny's! A free lunch, might I add, minus the drinks. I do love loyalty cards! I decided to wear a brand new purchase for the occasion - my rose print dress! It's a really flattering shape and is really comfy, too. I think it will be a versatile piece; easy to dress up or down.
Dorothy Perkins Floral Skater Dress (Tall)
George @ Asda Waterfall Cardigan (similar)
Next Black Leggings
JustFab Knee High Boots (similar)
Dune Structured Winged Bag (similar)

23 March 2015

3 Spring Workwear Looks

Spring is in the air! We've had some lovely, sunny days here in Dorset, and with some interesting prospects on the horizon, I thought I'd put together a few workwear looks which are perfect for spring.

Look #1:
A burst of colourful floral print, paired with soft, muted tones and some bright accessories, makes for a truly spring-like outfit. Light and airy pieces, with an optional jacket on those cooler days. The printed skirt is just gorgeous!
Spring Workwear #1
Next Pleat Front Top, £22
Coast Jaymie Scuba Skirt, £55
Miss Selfridge Glam Lipstick Court Shoes, £39
Dorothy Perkins Mini Plait Satchel, £18
F&F @ Tesco Textured Waterfall Jacket, £25
Total Outfit Cost: £159

Look #2:
This second look would work if your dress-code is a little more restrictive. Classic black trousers, paired with a spotted blouse and beaded flats, with a pop of colour from the sunshine-yellow bag, and additional textures with the beaded bracelet. This look is really versatile and with a quick swap of footwear, could easily take you from work to a dinner date!
Spring Workwear #2
Dorothy Perkins Print Spot Blouse, £24
Krisp Plain Double Buttoned Skinny Trousers, £14.99
New Look Beaded Pumps, £19.99
J by Jasper Conran Front Pocket Cross Body Bag, £45
Lipsy Beaded Bracelet, £16
Total Outfit Cost: £119.98

Look #3:
This look is perfect for an office environment; sophisticated and stylish, with pastel pink accessories to give it that touch of spring. Adding this stunning statement necklace just brings the whole outfit together. I really love the tweed-look skirt of this 2-in-1 dress!
Spring Workwear #3
River Island Boucle A-Line Split Design Dress, £42
Coast Maris Knot Necklace, £28
J by Jasper Conran Leather Belted Mini Cross Body Bag, £99
New Look Cross Strap Platform Heels, £22.99
Total Outfit Cost: £191.99

Which look is your favourite? What changes do you make to your workwear for spring?

22 March 2015

What's In My Handbag?

So, what's in my Dune handbag? Let's take a look...
Tangle Teezer Feline Groovy Compact Styler
This always comes in handy, especially on those windy days!
Soap & Glory Hand Food Hand Cream
One of my favourite hand creams; this absorbs into skin really quickly so is great for using while out and about.
Superdrug Delicious Body Spray
This smells lovely and is great for a quick freshen up.
Dr. Bronner's Organic Lavender Hand Sanitizing Spray
I like clean hands! This lavender hand sanitiser is brilliant.
Fiorelli Purse (similar)
Leuchtturm 2015 A5 Diary & Weekly Planner
Ted Baker A5 Opulent Bloom Notebook
I carry this around to jot down any blog ideas I may have!
Address book
Leather gloves  
Pocket tissues
Compact mirror
Wind-up torch

20 March 2015

The Weekly Wish List

1. The Body Deli Blueberry Fusion Micro-Scrub, £28.50/60g
Oh my gosh, doesn't this look divine?! The beautiful colour and whipped appearance are very appealing! This natural antioxidant facial scrub offers a micro-dermabrasion treatment from the comfort of home. With lavender, virgin coconut oil, oat flour, and rose hip seed oil, this product sounds very nourishing!
2. Hasslacher's Bar Of Drinking Chocolate, £4.20/250g
I really want to try some more natural, pure hot chocolates, starting with this drinking chocolate bar! It contains 100% pure cacao and is naturally high in antioxidants! Hot chocolate just became good for you...
3. Disaster Designs Object D'Art Make Up Bag, £16.50
Isn't this so pretty?! I love the vintage perfume bottle design and the little charm on the zip.
4. Krisp Ripped Patched Skinny Jeans, £21.99
My favourite jeans are from Krisp, so it only seems right to want more! I'm loving distressed jeans at the moment.

What's at the top of your wish list? Any of these take your fancy?

17 March 2015

Cleansing Pads: Reusable vs. Disposable

I've used disposable cotton pads for over ten years. Up until recently, the thought had never occurred to me that there was a much more environmentally-friendly option: reusable cleansing pads! I don't think this product is widely acknowledged, so I'm hoping to enlighten and convert a few of you!

Disposable cotton wool pads are such a waste of money, in reality, plus they are not very Eco-friendly. Replacing disposable cleansing pads with reusable ones will save so much money and will be kinder to the environment. I often find the variable quality of disposable pads can often make them a little harsh on the skin, plus they are really thin and much smaller than the reusable ones, so you will inevitably use more of them!
I bought my reusable cleansing pads from Love The Planet (£7 for a pack of 5) and these ones are made from cut-offs of a towel company. I've also seen ones made from the cut-offs of reusable nappies, where they cut out the leg holes! How clever. Waste not, want not!  The pads themselves are huge and so plush! Perfect for using with skincare products and for removing make-up. There are five pads in the pack, and they come with a handy net bag to protect them while in the washing machine.

I haven't tried removing nail polish with the reusable pads yet, and I think I will buy some coloured cleansing pads for this sole purpose, and keep them separate from the ones I use on my face.

Will you be making the switch to reusable cleansing pads?!

16 March 2015

Shop My Stash: Coconut

For my second "shop my stash" collection, we're taking a look at all my coconut products! Check out my vanilla stash here.
Coconut is a really lovely, sweet scent, and the ingredient itself has so many uses! Coconut oil has many beneficial properties for your skin and hair, too.
Faith In Nature Coconut Shampoo, £5.50/400ml and Faith In Nature Coconut Conditioner, £5.50/400ml
I haven't tried these hair products yet, so I can't comment on them too much. I'm hoping they will be conditioning enough for my hair, as other Faith In Nature hair products I've tried haven't had a rich enough conditioner. Fingers crossed for these ones! These are made with organic coconut and are free from artificial colours and fragrances, parabens, and SLES.
 Faith In Nature Coconut Hand Wash, £4.19/300ml
I managed to pick this up in TK Maxx recently, for £2.99! This hand wash is made with organic coconut and natural vitamin E and is also free from artificial colours and fragrances, parabens, and SLES. I haven't tried this yet, but am expecting it to be nourishing and gentle on my sensitive hands.
I Love... Coconut & Cream Shower Smoothie, £2.99/200ml
Haven't tried this yet, either (trying to finish up other products first!), but it does smell gorgeously sweet and powdery. With almond shell and coconut, this should give a light exfoliation and leave skin soft and hydrated. Unfortunately it does contain SLS, but is soap and paraben free!
KTC 100% Pure Coconut Oil, £2.01/500ml
This pot of wonder is 100% pure coconut oil and has a multitude of uses! This can be used in cooking, but I'm keeping this pot just for beauty purposes. It's great as a body moisturiser and a hair conditioner - best left on overnight and rinsed off in the morning. A very small amount can be used to tame frizzy hair and flyways! There are so many more uses for this, but I haven't tried any others yet. What's your favourite use for coconut oil?

Do you have any favourite coconut beauty products? I'd love to try a coconut lip balm.

12 March 2015

The Weekly Wish List

1. Dorothy Perkins Paisley Fit and Flare Dress, £35
Ooh, I'm after a bit of paisley this summer! I suddenly want to fill my wardrobe with new dresses... spring is in the air!
2. LUSH Dirty Massage Bar, £5.95
I really want to try this massage bar as they are super hydrating and I bet this mint chocolate one smells good enough to eat!
3. Disaster Designs Heritage & Harlequin Rabbit Scarf, £9.99
This bright pink rabbit print scarf is perfect for adding that pop of colour to an outfit and will look great for spring and summer.
4. The Library Of Fragrance Marshmallow Cologne Spray, £15/30ml and 5. The Library Of Fragrance Caramel Cologne Spray, £15/30ml
Yesterday's post from Claire featured a fragrance by The Library Of Fragrance, and so I just had to have a little browse on their website! Now I'm dying to get my hands on these two scents! I think both of them would be great individually, and also create a gorgeous scent when worn together!

What's at the top of your wish list this week?

11 March 2015

Guest Post: Claire's Fragrance Collection

Hi guys. I’m Claire from xclaireabella, and today (& hopefully not for one day only) I’ll be collaborating with Emma in doing a bit of a blog swap. On Just Emma today I’ll be letting you guys have a nosey into my perfume collection, as Emma will be doing on xclaireabella so if you want to have a peek at hers go check it out.

Firstly let me start by saying, I have a very love hate relationship with perfume!... I absolutely love using it, smelling it, lathering myself all up in it, but I hate (absolutely hate) paying for it. I wish perfume wasn't so god darn expensive! The vast majority of the perfumes I've owned have been bought as Christmas or Birthday presents. I see it as a little piece of luxury you wouldn't necessarily buy for yourself, so I think it makes for a great present for somebody…. Mothers Day’s coming up folks.
Lets take a look into my perfume collection...

There was a girl I went to University with who swore by this perfume, she was a trendy type & it sounds bad to say, but I couldn't help but copy. Womanity is a very feminine & sweet scent, it’s quite young smelling so I’d say it’s perfect for a twenty-something like myself.  As well as being quite sweet Womanity has hints of woody scents which gives it more depth & sexiness. It’s certainly a womanly scent. I'd recognise this scent anywhere now, for me it’s so recognisable – I used to be this way with Cacharels’Amor Amor, which was one of my favourites, but this seems to have taken over. Thierry Mugler bottles are always very distinctive & the offerings from the Womanity range are just beautiful. My 30ml bottle is pretty  much on it’s
last legs at the moment so this is definitely going on my Birthday wish list…
Unless anyone wants to buy it for me in the mean time?
DKNY | Red Delicious
Again another present, this time from my bestie Jen! I've always been fond of DKNY's branding of their Delicious collection, I love the apple shaped bottle, not only is it really lovely to look at, but it's really easy and natural to hold. Obviously Red Delicious is predominantly apple based however with this perfume, there are summer fruit undertones to it which makes for a really fresh, fruity & zingy scent. For me, Red Delicious is very much a Spring/Summer scent so I'll definitely be getting much more use out of this in the next few weeks. I've not actually tried anything else from the Delicious range, I always keep coming back to this one, I should probably experiment a little more to be honest, but I just love the scent of Red Delicious. I always get compliments when wearing this perfume too, it seems to be a very popular scent, so if you've not tried it, go give it a sniff!
Jimmy Choo | Jimmy Choo
I received this from my lovely boyfriend at Christmas time, completely unaware of how it was going to smell. He usually buys me Prada Candy L'Eau, so I think he was a bit nervous about presenting me with this Jimmy Choo perfume, luckily for him (and for me)... It's stunning! Jimmy Choo is a very rich, musky & sexy scent - I don't really own anything like this perfume as I normally go for sweet playful scents, but I absolutely adore this perfume. This is my go to scent for evenings out or date nights, it's the perfect night time scent! Looks wise the Jimmy Choo bottle is lovely, however I am left feeling they could have been a tad more inventive with their design. Maybe that's just me being picky though...
The Library of Fragrance | Peach
A perfume I actually paid for with my own hard earned cash! Hallelujah! I was out doing my usual browse through Boots a few weeks ago when I stumbled across The Library of Fragrance, a brand I have never heard of but whose display stand really caught my attention. I loved the simplicity of the packaging along with the huge (honestly there's loads) number of scents available. The scents ranged all the way from Grass, to Fresh Laundry, to Fireplace & honestly, let me tell you, they smell exactly like they say they're going to! I know this sounds stupid to say, but mine really really smells of Peach, it's ridiculously peachy! I'm so impressed with the whole range! At the moment Boots are offering 2 for £25.00 so I'll probably pop through again to pick up some more! I'm absolutely over the moon with this Peach scent, it's so lovely & fresh and really super duper easy to wear!
Jack Wills | Hope Cove Body Mist
Now for a body mist!... This is something I keep in my handbag at all times, you know for those emergency times when we just need a bit of a freshen up. I've not used any Jack Wills scents before but after receiving this in a gift set I've really become dependent on it. Unfortunately it's not available to buy on its own but it is available in a trio gift set selection, which I can definitely imagine the other two smelling equally as delicious. Hope Cove is a very floral scent, which instantly leaves you feeling fresh & ready for a working day! I think this is a lovely little product & would make an excellent present for somebody.

So there we have it, there's my (pretty small) perfume collection. If you've tried any of these I'd love to know what you think? Or even if you could advise me on any of the other DKNY Delicious perfumes, that'd be amazing!

Lots of love & hopefully see you soon | Claireabella.x

09 March 2015

Things I Love: From A-Z

Here's a fun little post for you today! Do share your own links if you've also done this post.
Chocolate, and lots of it!
Downton Abbey!
Elderflower cordial. My favourite soft drink!
Family! Gotta love 'em.
Good grammar!
Horror films! My favourite genre.
Iced coffee drinks, mmm.
Jumping jacks. They're actually a really fun exercise!
Knee-high boots. My go-to choice of Autumn/Winter footwear!
Lazy days.
Millionaire's shortbread! Delicious.
Newfoundlands, in chocolate brown - my dream dog!
Old people. They're pretty awesome.
Pretty thatched cottages.
Quiet places.
Remembering memories that make you laugh!
Snuggling! With the hubby, on the sofa, with a yummy treat and a good film.
The seaside! Oh, I do like to be beside the seaaa...
Unusual names of places.
Vibrantly-coloured front doors.
Woodland walks. Nature is the best.
X-men films!
Yes! We need to say yes more.
Zebrahead - I love their fun, energetic songs!

07 March 2015

My February Purchases

H&M Sports Top, £7.99, Sports Tights, £14.99 and Push-Up Medium Support Sports Bra, £14.99
As I have been progressing with The 30 Day Shred, I treated myself to some proper workout clothes! They look and feel great. They are really comfortable and it's surprising how much of a difference they made when it comes to flexibility of movement.
Lily Lolo Mineral Finishing Powder in Flawless Matte, £13.49/4.5g and Lily Lolo Powder Brush, £9.99
I've already featured this a few times on the blog and am loving it! This replaced my previous anti-shine powder from theBalm, as it came to an end.
Bentley Organic Deep Cleansing Hand Wash, £4.11/250ml
I'm trying to buy only SLS and paraben-free hand wash now, which is proving quite difficult, as so many brands use these chemicals. This one however, is free from both and is made using organic agricultural oils and spices.
Love The Planet Pack Of 5 Washable Cleansing Pads, £7
I've now stopped using disposable cotton pads, and am now using these washable, reusable, eco-friendly cotton cleansing pads! More about these soon.

I also purchased Salt Of The Earth's Aura Lavender & Vanilla Deodorant, £6.65 £5.56/100ml, but was sent the wrong product (a tube of herb-infused salt...), so am still waiting to receive it, and this Missguided necklace - which I promptly returned for a refund due to the completely inadequate packaging causing it to turn up damaged; I mean, come on, a thin, plastic mailing bag?! Absolutely no padding to protect the item. Oh, and I also got some lovely, new fluffy towels from BHS!

What did you purchase in February?

05 March 2015

The Weekly Wish List

1. George @ Asda Cupcake Shopper Bag, £4
I need a handy little shopper bag to stow away in my handbag, you say? Well, this cupcake one is just the ticket!
2. Isle Of Wolf Bourbon Vanilla Candle, £20
Ooh, doesn't "bourbon vanilla" just sound heavenly?!
3. Bluebird Tea Co. Coffee Pu'erh Loose Leaf Tea Blend, £2.25 (sample)
I'd really love to try some more unusual teas, and Bluebird Tea Co. have loads to choose from! As an avid coffee-drinker, this Coffee Pu'erh caught my eye; with notes of vanilla and coffee, it sounds right up my street!
4. Ted Baker Mini Pen Set, £16.95
I really love Ted Baker products; they are always so gorgeous-looking! These pink pens will look lovely with my Ted Baker notebook!
5. JOY Ichi Radia Floral Sweatshirt, £35
I really love the print on this grey sweatshirt and I think this could easily be worn dressed up or down.

What's at the top of your wish list this week?