02 February 2015

Outfit: Spotted In A Denim Dress

As you're reading this, we should be on our way to Southampton airport for our trip to Scotland!

Who wears summery dresses in winter? I do, that's who! Yes, I had a desire to wear this spotted denim dress the other day, and work it into my winter wardrobe. I wasn't actually going out that day, so I didn't need any extra layers, but I opted for cosy leggings and ankle boots, and my lovely new bag!
If I had been going out, I'd have been wrapped up in a scarf and coat. I think the cardigan I showed you on Saturday is the missing piece from this look, but unfortunately, I'm still waiting on the replacement so that will have to wait for another day.
Primark Polka Dot Denim Dress (similar)
Next Leggings (similar)
New Look Pointed Ankle Boots (similar)
Dune Handbag (similar)
Forage & Find Vintage Moonstone Necklace


  1. I love this dress, I'm a massive fan of wearing clothes all year round, I just add or take away layers depending on the weather!

    Maria xxx

    1. Thanks, Maria! :) Yes, it definitely makes a wardrobe more workable and versatile. xxx

  2. That's an adorable dress and Primarni? Superb!
    M x

  3. That's a gorgeous dress! Love how you've styled it too

    Amy x


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