21 January 2015

The Weekly Wish List

1. H&M Sports Tights, £14.99
2015 is the year I get my act together, fitness-wise. I don't own any kind of workout clothing, so these fun leggings would be great.
2. H&M Sports Top, £7.99
Along with the leggings, this bright pink sports vest would look great, and hopefully add some enjoyment to the fitness regime!
3. Dune Taupe Handbag with Cream Trim, RRP £59 £29.99
You probably know by now how quickly I get bored of handbags. Yep, it's that time again! I spotted this one on the TK Maxx website and fell in love. I love the neutral colourway and the shape of the bag; it will complement so many outfits!
4. Harrods Salted Caramel Flavour Hot Chocolate, £9.95/200g
Ok, so who wouldn't want this on their wish list?! I'm a huge hot chocolate (or any kind of chocolate, for that matter) fan and thought this sounded delicious! A little pricey at just under £10, but something to keep in mind when a treat is in order.
5. Handmade Naturals Rhassoul & Strawberry Face Mask, £5.50/60g
I recently stumbled upon this brand via a Google search. After a good browse, I spotted this white clay mask. With rhassoul powder and freeze dried strawberry powder, this face mask promises to give a deep cleanse and refine pores.
6. Pure Nuff Stuff Bath Milk, £7.50/220g
This was also a new discovery via a Google search. Lots of lovely products available, but this bath milk in particular caught my eye. With softening goat's milk and Dead Sea salt, this bath milk should soften and nourish skin and is great for sensitive skin.
7. New Look Leopard Print Glitter Lace Up Plimsolls, £14.99
 Ooh, don't you just love these?! I could do with some comfy, casual shoes, and these seem to fit the ticket as they also look really stylish! Love the touch of glitter, too.

What's at the top of your wish list this week?


  1. H&M do some really awesome looking sporty wear! As do Primark, actually! x

    1. Yes, I had a quick browse of Primark's the other week; perhaps I'll aim to get a set from each range! :) xxx

  2. Another lovely post Emma! I love chocolate too! I’m working my way through a hot chocolate hamper from Christmas. The Harrods variety sounds lovely. Also I was wondering do you use an app for your blog photos? The wish list boards looks great! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Ooh, sounds good! I'd really love to start sampling some more luxury hot chocolates, and this one just sounded delicious! Thank you, I do edit some photos with Pic Monkey; as for the wish list collections e.t.c, I just put them together using Paint.NET. :) xxx


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