04 December 2014

November Empties | Beauty

Well, that's another month passed and we're edging ever closer to Christmas day! And New Year... Yikes! I did pretty well with finishing up products during November; this always helps if you're expecting beauty gifts for Christmas - finish up the oldies so you can get on with the new ones!
Here's what I used up in November:
Di Palomo Orange Blossom Hand Cream, £7.99/75ml
 I had the 25ml version which was part of a gift set. This whole range from Di Palomo smells gorgeous and this hand cream is really handy to pop into your handbag for a "handy" moisture fix throughout the day!
Re-purchase? Yes.
LUSH Helping Hands Hand Cream, £7.75/100g
I grew to like this hand cream more and found it was great as an overnight treatment. I definitely couldn't use this during the day or at work because it's really heavy and does leave a greasy residue behind. It softens and hydrates hands well, but do beware if you have any broken or irritated skin as this stings!
Re-purchase? No. 
JĀSÖN Smoothing Sea Kelp Shampoo, £6.29/473ml & JĀSÖN Smoothing Sea Kelp Conditioner, £6.29/454g
I feel like these have been in my stash for forever! Let me explain... It got off to a really good start! The formulas are really thick so you don't need to use much of each product, which is always good news for long-haired gals! The scent is very similar to coconut and the products spread evenly through the hair. Now, despite being free from parabens, phthalates and SLS, after using these products for 3-4 consecutive days, I came out in a hive-like rash on my arms, chest and neck. I stopped using the products for a while and when I used them again, I got the same result. Not wanting to waste money, I did use them up, but made sure to use them only once, then use other products in-between applications. It's really frustrating, because apart from the obvious, I did enjoy these products. They made my hair really smooth, reduced frizz and added shine. I don't have any known allergies, but do suffer from sensitive skin, yet I don't know which ingredient(s) caused the reaction. Unless you suffer from sensitive skin, I would recommend these products and I would love to try other products from the brand.
Re-purchase? No.
The Body Shop Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt, £8/300ml
You can read my full review of this product here. The silky, golden formula makes for a really luxurious bathing experience! The fragrance is a slightly floral, warm honey scent which is very pleasant.
Re-purchase? Yes.
Treacle Moon The Candy Jar Original Toffee Bon Bon Bath & Shower Gel, £2.99/500ml
This toffee shower gel smells really sweet and toffee-like, perfect for people like me, with a sweet tooth! I did find the scent a little synthetic and from the other varieties I've tried, this one wasn't a favourite. These bottles from Treacle Moon last me ages and are great value for money.
Re-purchase? No.
Baylis & Harding Beauticology Cherry Glaze Body Scrub, £?/50ml
This was part of a gift set last Christmas. As a "scrub", this doesn't really do anything because the particles are so miniscule, but as a daily body wash, it's fine and the sweet cherry scent is lovely and strong, yet not over-powering.
Re-purchase? No.

Do share your own thoughts on any of the above if you've tried them for yourself!
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