03 December 2014

November At A Glance + A Few Of My Favourite Things | Lifestyle

November really did pass by in a flash, didn't it?! And this year I'm feeling particularly unorganised for Christmas!
November was a pretty good month; we went on a few shopping trips and saw Horns, The Imitation Game and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 at the cinema (all of which were great, by the way!) Work is extremely busy at the moment, but let's not focus on the negative things! I had a lovely evening at a friend's house the other week, where we watched The Jacket and nibbled on pizza!
Obviously lots of Christmas shopping was done in November, with a little still left to do. I think you definitely start feeling more festive once you've got the stress of buying gifts out of the way; then you can relax and slow down a little!
Towards the end of November I got the dread cold, which I've still got now, so that is bringing me down a bit! Feeling pretty lazy at the moment. Still need to start that exercise regime... And stop eating too many chocolates... But what the hell, it's Christmas!
And to conclude the end of November, here are a few of my favourite things:
 FoM London Age Defying Moisturiser
I ordered a couple of FoM samples after they followed me on Instagram; before then, I'd not heard of this brand. This facial moisturiser is really rich, smells gorgeous and has lots of great properties. It is really relaxing and pleasant to use. This is great for using overnight during Winter. I feel it is too heavy for me to use during the day as it does leave my skin feeling greasy and looking shiny.
The Body Shop Strawberry Lip Butter
 This is the first lip butter I've tried and I really like it; the sweet, fruity smell is lovely and the creamy formula hydrates and softens lips really well.PB020065
The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee Hand Cream
This limited edition hand cream has a warm, sweet vanilla scent which is gorgeous. It has a thick, silky texture which is easily absorbed into the skin and leaves no greasy residue. This 30ml size is perfect for my handbag and best of all, it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin!
Twinings Chamomile & Maple Tea
I introduced chamomile tea into my diet a while back after discovering that it can help towards improving your skin's properties; healing, soothing and clearing. This particular combination with the maple syrup is lovely!
Ferrero Rocher Chocolates
It's a vicious circle with these things - Dean keeps buying them, I keep eating them! They are so good though!

As always, do let me know your thoughts on any products you've tried out for yourself!
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