12 December 2014

8 Must-Have Products During Winter | Beauty

Winter can be pretty tough on us, in more ways than one! Our skin can really suffer during the cold snap, so it's really important to take extra care of it. Using particular beauty products can help keep your skin in good condition and help fight off the negative effects of Winter.

Our faces usually bear the brunt of the harsh Winter weather, and can also be affected by central heating. The most common problems our facial skin faces during this season are dry patches, dullness, redness and increased sensitivity. You can opt to treat these problems singularly, with various products, or choose the easier option - get yourself a multi-purpose face cream; it could be a daily moisturiser or a night cream/treatment.
This year, my go-to facial product at the moment is FoM London's Age Defying Facial Moisturiser, £4/10ml or £25/100ml.
With ingredients such as mango butter, white & green tea, ginseng root extract and arctic cranberry seed, this moisturiser is packed full of skin-enhancing, age-defying properties. I use this before bed to let it soak in and do its work overnight.

With the stress that the festive period brings, and the harsh Winter weather, our eyes can become red, puffy and tired, resulting in not-so-dazzling peepers! Along with a good night's sleep, a soothing eye treatment can really help.
I like to use The Body Shop's Elderflower Eye Gel, £7/15ml, as it helps to cool and soothe my eyes, while helping to reduce any puffiness. It may seem a little pricey at £7, but this little pot will last you ages! A great tip is to keep this product in the fridge for an ultra-cooling sensation!

Chapped, dry and unsightly lips are not very attractive - who's gonna want to pucker up to those?! That's why it is really important to keep them smooth and hydrated!
First up, you need to get those lips smooth and prepped for action - cue LUSH's Bubblegum Lip Scrub, £5.50/25g. This little pot of sweet goodness will buff away dead skin cells, leaving you with smooth lips and a hint of colour.
Once you've scrubbed your way to smoothness, you'll need to keep them well-hydrated. For this, I like to use my favourite lip balm, Dr. Bronner's' Organic Peppermint Lip Balm, £3/4g. This lip balm is very moisturising and leaves your lips hydrated for hours. It's especially good when used overnight, too!

My hands are the bane of my life, I tell you! During Winter, our hands become more sensitive and are prone to becoming dry and cracked. This can be really unsightly and uncomfortable. You need a really good hand cream to tackle this issue!
I'm currently loving Faith In Nature's Coconut Hand Cream, £6.39/50ml, which is packed full of organic coconut oil, shea butter and sunflower oil, giving a nourishing treatment to your hands, leaving them soft and smelling of coconuts! I love that this hand cream absorbs really quickly and leaves no greasy residue behind, so it's perfect for use throughout the day.

Dry and dull skin calls for an effective body scrub to help buff away dead, dry skin and encourage regeneration of new skin cells. Regular (once or twice a week) exfoliating will increase blood circulation, leading to a brighter, more even skin tone.
I love to use NATIO's Wellness Body Scrub, £12/450g. This is the best body exfoliator I have ever used, to date. With ingredients such as apricot seed powder, pure pomegranate, coconut oil and soybean oil, this body scrub almost instantly creates soft, smooth skin and leaves you feeling energised (probably after all that scrubbing!). Did I mention this smells really good, too?
After such a good scrub, you'll need to follow up with a rich body butter or oil to seal in oodles of moisture to keep your skin hydrated and extra soft.
My current body hydrator of choice is LUSH's Percup Massage Bar, £6.50. Although this massage bar doesn't hold the beautiful coffee aroma that you would expect, this product does melt on your skin and leave it richly moisturised and feeling super smooth! Perfect for applying just before bed so that you can wake up to lovely, soft skin.

One area that often gets forgotten is our feet! They are very hard-working, so they do deserve some attention from time to time. Our feet can become really dry and achey, so when choosing a treatment for them, think rich, restorative and hydrating.
My favourite foot treatment is Lulu & Boo's Melissa & Mallow Foot Balm, £11.50/50ml. As well as being richly moisturising, this foot balm contains tea tree essential oil which has anti-septic and anti-fungal properties, and shea butter which has anti-inflammatory and healing effects. You don't need to use a huge amount of product for each application, so this pretty jar will last quite some time!

Which products to do you turn to during Winter?


  1. Ooh nice picks! Love the sound of the scrub and I'm yet to try anything from Lulu & Boo but have a few samples at home I need to dig out!

  2. The scrub is really great. I would love to try more from Lulu & Boo and am definitely re-purchasing the foot balm! xxx


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