31 December 2014

December Empties

Wow; not only is it the end of the month, it's also the end of the year! I think I've done really well on finishing up lots of products this month, making room for any potential beauty-related Christmas gifts!
Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo, £2.99/200ml
I now could not live without Batiste in my life! This cherry variation smells lovely and does what it says on the tin!
Re-purchase? Yes!
Batiste Nourish & Enrich Dry Shampoo, £3.99/200ml
This variation has a lovely almond scent and works really well, too.
Re-purchase? Yes.
The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Toner, £8.50/200ml
This toner worked well to remove the last traces of grime and make-up. I purposely didn't have a replacement for this, because I wanted to see if it made any difference not to use a toner. Well, I started getting blemishes on my neck area which is unusual, so I'm thinking a toner is still necessary. Plus, I kind of missed that step in my routine, where you can be sure that you've truly cleansed your face! I'll be looking for a more natural option.
Re-purchase? No. 
Faith In Nature Coconut Hand Cream, £6.39/50ml
This was my first experience in using a Faith In Nature hand cream, and I loved it! It's not a heavy formula at all, so is perfect for daytime use. It has a slightly earthy coconut scent and absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving behind no greasy residue! There are only a few hand creams to choose from, so I'd love to see some more options to try out.
Re-purchase? Yes.
OGX Renewing Argan Oil Of Morocco Shampoo, £6.99/385ml & OGX Renewing Argan Oil Of Morocco Conditioner, £6.99/385ml
I really enjoyed these hair products from OGX. They increased shine and made my hair lovely and soft! I've been enjoying trying out the other varieties on offer.Re-purchase? Yes.
Astonish Milk & Honey Hand Wash, £2/500ml
This hand wash is a great budget-friendly, cruelty-free option. It has a nice scent and doesn't irritate my skin. Lasts for ages as well!
Re-purchase? Yes. 
Treacle Moon Dusted Cocoa Heaven Bath & Shower Gel, £2.99/500ml
A chocoholic's dream in a bottle, haha! Smells really good and lasts for ages. I'd love to see Treacle Moon ditch the SLS, though.
Re-purchase? Maybe.
Superdrug Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Crystal, 99p/50ml
This is an effective deodorant but the scent was awful - like motor oil! I'm still on the look-out for a natural alternative.
Re-purchase? No.
LUSH D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap, £5.75/70g
I was really excited and intrigued by this product. The sweet strawberry scent was lovely. The texture was mousse-like and had bits of strawberries throughout. It needs to be applied to damp skin, and I felt like I had to use quite a lot of product to get an even coverage. I can't say for sure if it helped reduced re-growth e.t.c., but it was very kind to my skin, with no irritation at all. That being said, I don't think this product is worth its price tag as it didn't last very long.
Re-purchase? No.

Items not pictured:
The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothing Night Cream, £16/50ml
I've had this in my stash for what seems like forever! The day cream was too heavy for me, so it was used at night, and then when that was finished, I started to use this one instead. It's a really nice night cream; very hydrating and soothing. I love the botanical, essential oils scent.
Re-purchase? No.
The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee Hand Cream, £3.50/30ml (no longer available)
This was a lovely little hand cream, perfect for keeping in my bag and using at work throughout the night. The formula was quite thick, yet it absorbed pretty well, smelled divine and didn't leave a greasy residue behind. This will sting if you apply to any particularly sore or broken skin, though.
Re-purchase? Maybe.

How well did you do this month in finishing up products? Have you got lots of new additions to try out from Christmas?!

30 December 2014

What I Got For Christmas 2014

Did Santa bring you all that you wished for? I was extremely pleased and grateful for all of my lovely Christmas gifts. I won't say too much about each and every gift, as I'm sure lots of these (beauty) items will be re-appearing on the blog in the future!
Pixi Redness Reducing Primer
Although this was on my list, I didn't expect to get it as it is pretty expensive. I just hope it's worth the price tag!
Konjac Sponge French Pink Clay, for sensitive skin
I actually forgot this was on my wish list and was so pleased to receive it! I really cannot wait to start using this.
Bomb Cosmetics Mint Chocolate Chip Shower Butter
Apart from their candles and a couple of bath melts, I've not tried anything else from Bomb Cosmetics, so I was really excited to try this! The scent is just like LUSH's Cupcake face mask.
Eve Taylor Balancing Cleanser, Exfoliating Scrub, Balancing Moisture Lotion and Balancing Masque
My eldest sister is a beautician and uses Eve Taylor products on her clients. I've experienced them before and they are lovely. I wasn't expecting these, so it will be lovely to see how I get on with them.
My sister also knows how much I enjoyed the Eve Taylor candles she got me last year, so I can't wait to light these when I'm in need of some relaxing "me" time, preferably alongside a nice bubble bath!
The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy by Nora Roberts
I spotted the first book in this trilogy, The Dark Witch, while on our cruise in October. It sounded really good and when I realised it was part of a trilogy, I though I would wait and put it on my Christmas list. The other two books have a distressed design which I think looks great. Really looking forward to starting these!
Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them by J.K. Rowling
I love Harry Potter and so this unexpected gift from Dean was great; it should make for a fun and interesting read!
The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling
Another book from one of my favourite authors; this wasn't on my list but I've been meaning to pick it up for a while, so I was really happy to get this one, too.
I really wanted a new watch this year, so I sent Dean some links to a few I liked, and working from those, he chose one he thought I'd like. This leopard print number from Lipsy is perfect!
Burt's Bees Beeswax & Banana Hand Creme
I have wanted to try this for ages! It smells really nice and I've already been using it of a night-time.
Dean got me these lovely slipper boots from Next and I've been wearing them ever since! If you don't recognise that adorable smiling face, you need to watch the film My Neighbor Totoro - a wonderful creation from Studio Ghibli. This is a cute, super soft cloak-type hooded blanket which is sure to keep me cosy on these cold winter days.
I also got these three beautiful necklaces, which I cannot wait to team with some outfits! The one in the middle is a vintage moonstone necklace, which is just gorgeous!
I received lots of delicious chocolates, too! Enough to keep my sweet tooth happy for quite some time. I didn't realise it was that obvious that I love Ferrero Rocher!

If you are blogging about your own Christmas gifts this year, please do leave your links below in the comments so I can take a sneaky peek!

27 December 2014

Top 10 Winter Warmers

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! Have you recovered from your food coma yet?!

As the weather has taken a plunge into minus temperatures here, I thought I would pick out my favourite winter accessories around at the moment to help keep you cosy.

1. George @ Asda Jewelled Beanie, £5
This pretty beanie hat in a pastel shade features subtle embellishment and will help keep your head toasty!
2. Next Bunny Slipper Boots, £18
Keep your feet cosy and cute with these adorable bunny slipper boots!
3. F&F @ Tesco Cable Knit Leopard Print Pom Pom Beanie, £10
This neutral beanie hat is really stylish and features a leopard print pom pom.
4. BHS Leopard Woven Scarf, £12 £6
This stylish scarf would look great paired with #3 and a camel mac.
5. River Island Tartan Blanket Scarf, £15
You can't go wrong with a classic, red tartan scarf like this one!
6. F&F @ Tesco Neon Space Dye Ombre Snood, £12 £7
This pretty ombre snood doubles up to keep you extra cosy in the harsh winter weather.
7. New Look Leather Animal Print Gloves, £14.99
These classy leather gloves won't sacrifice style over comfort.
8. Iris & Edie Fairisle Chunky Booties, £16 £11.20
 These chunky slipper socks are really cute with this pom poms and pink design.
9. M&S Pure Cashmere Hooded Onesie, £199 £99
For absolute luxury, why not treat yourself to this gorgeous, super soft cashmere onesie?!
10. Matalan Fairisle Fluffy Knitted Slipper Boots, £10 £7
 These slipper boots feature a faux fur trim and a lovely Fairisle design, complete with pom poms!

My new furry slipper boots and furry PJs I received for Christmas will definitely be keeping me cosy this winter!

23 December 2014

This Week's New In Fashion

New in this week, we see lots of soft fabrics, party dresses and statement pieces.
1. Dorothy Perkins PIT Multi Floral Dress, £49.50
Florals aren't just for spring and summer; embrace the winter bloom in this flattering dress.
2. Pieces Woven Long Scarf, £13.30
Get your checked scarf fix with this pastel beauty!
3. Karen Millen Moleskin Coat, £235
This gorgeously luxurious coat will instantly add elegance and class to your wardrobe. A timeless piece for everyday luxe.
4. H&M Cotton Shirt, £14.99
Add some colour to your casual outfits with this checked shirt.
5. Matalan Glitter Bow Slipper Shoes, £12
If you're not a fan of heels, try these sparkly slipper flats on for size; they're anything but casual and will add a lovely finishing touch to your evening attire.
6. Love Rocks Transparent Cuff Bracelet, £25
This beautiful statement piece is perfect for teaming with classic, simple neutrals for a splash of colour and glamour.
7. River Island Black Gold Flecked Statement Necklace, £15
Add the perfect finishing touch to your festive party outfit with this edgy statement necklace.
8. Gucci Tie-Dye Cable Knit Wool Sweater, £655
This cosy sweater with an eye-catching design will make your daytime outfit look incredible! 
9. Forever 21 Zippered Contrast-Trim Dress, £25
This emerald beauty will serve you well this party season, giving you that little edge with the exposed zip detail.
10. F&F @ Tesco Textured Double Layer Dress, £20
Easily dressed up or down, this flattering style will be perfect for many occasions.
11. Krisp Quilted PU Biker Knee Pads Jeans, £24.99
Mix up your usual denims with these fun skinny jeans with faux leather knee pads!

Will you be making any new purchases this month, or will you be waiting for the January sales?!

22 December 2014

Iberian Cruise Diaries, Part Five: The Conclusion

(Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four)

I forgot to add these photos to Part Four - we had a look round Cadiz after our excursion. It was a lovely city with lots of great little shops, plus we discovered the beauty that is Smöoy! It is a frozen yoghurt company, created in Spain, and it was just wonderful! Lots of delicious options to choose from. I had some sort of vanilla, chocolate and peanut butter sundae which was yummy! Lets hope they come over to the UK soon!
Our fifth and final port of call was La Coruna, Spain. We decided to venture out by ourselves and head in to the city centre, which was not far from the ship. There were loads of shops; chocolate shops, clothing shops, grocery shops, homewares, gifts, you name it! We also saw some very talented human statues!
And here are some photos from around our ship, The Azura.
And here are the rest of my outfits during the cruise:

photo 1 (6)
Leopard Print Top, Primark
Jeans, ASOS
Bow Embellished Flats, Next
Clutch, Beth Jordan
photo 3 (5)
Dress, A|Wear
Leggings, Next
Bow Embellished Flats, Next
photo 4 (4)
photo 5 (3)
Leggings, Next
Bow Embellished Flats, Next
photo 1 (5)
photo 3 (4)
Abstract Top, Ghost
Jeans, ASOS
Bow Embellished Flats, Next
Clutch, Beth Jordan

So, overall, I did enjoy the cruise - especially the excursions we went on. But... I felt a little underwhelmed and I think that is due to the fact that the cruise to Norway (our first) was absolutely amazing and we sailed with Royal Caribbean who go all-out on their ships. P&O's Azura was a lovely ship, but I feel it was suited to a slightly older generation as I got bored easily and didn't feel like there was much for us to do. Also, the swimming pools all closed from about 6pm, which I think is pretty ridiculous! Location-wise, I'm not particularly eager to re-visit any of the ports we visited, whereas I could actually see us living in Norway, I loved it so much! I did enjoy everything on the ship being in british pounds, as Royal Caribbean is in US dollars. I think if we did decide to cruise again, we would either use Royal Caribbean again, or a completely different company, and find out exactly what's on board before we decided.

Have you been on a cruise? Is it something you would like to do?

21 December 2014

Dear Santa... My Wish List (Part Two)

I thought I'd sneak in another little wish list for Christmas, as there are still a few days left! Did you see Part One?
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1. Dunelm Mill Cream Floral Collection 3 Tier Drawer Unit, £9.99
I have been looking for something like this for ages! This would be perfect on my dressing table; perfumes displayed on top, with make-up and other various items tucked away in the drawers!
2. Belleek Living Silver Midnight Necklace, £53
I'd love something like this gorgeous necklace to add that bit of glamour to an everyday outfit!
hurraw moon night treatment lip balm jpg?1398375
3. Hurraw! Moon Night Treatment Lip Balm, £3.99/4.3g
My lips really suffer this time of year, so I'd love to try out this night treatment from Hurraw! With vanilla and Peru balsam, I bet it smells lovely!
4219212050 2 2 1 jpg?timestamp=1414598740060
4. ZARA Multi Jacquard Scarf, £25.99
Everyone except me seems to own a lovely ZARA scarf, and I really want to amend that! I am really in love with this festive, brightly coloured one.
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5. Rosie for Autography @ M&S Luxurious Pyjama Bottoms, £19.50
I spend so much time in my PJs that I feel like I should own some luxurious, really comfortable ones! These PJ bottoms from M&S look gorgeous!
 197352006 5 large
6. Wallis Stripe Fluffy Jumper, £36
I love stripes and I love fluffiness. Need I say more?!
18106164 large
7. Clements Ribeiro Leopard Print Pony Effect Clutch Bag, £19.99
I adore leopard print and this is just calling to me! I love the textured pony effect, too.
20279 m
8. The Body Shop Shimmer Cube Palette, £16
I spotted this eye shadow palette months ago, but didn't really want to part with the money. The shimmery element is gorgeous and perfect for the festive period! I'm sure I can snap this up in one of the many TBS sales.

What are you hoping for under your Christmas tree this year?