27 November 2014

Iberian Cruise Diaries, Part Three | Lifestyle

(Part One | Part Two)
Our third port of call was Malaga, Spain. We arrived on a very sunny and hot day and embarked on our booked excursion to lovely Mijas - one of the cleanest towns in the area (so much so that the horses and donkeys have little bags under their tails to catch any poo!)! It was such a lovely town, plus, it was my birthday!
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 We also discovered these caramelised nuts (we had peanuts and almonds) which are amazing! 
While in Mijas, we had lunch outside a little cafe, choosing toasted sandwiches and churros with proper hot chocolate - delicious! We didn't explore Malaga itself, but it looked really nice and clean from what we saw driving through.
This birthday cake was a lovely surprise from Dean, delivered to our cabin that evening!
Mijas was probably my favourite excursion of the bunch as it just had such a lovely, relaxed atmosphere.
And here are my outfit details:
photo 3 (6)
Dress, H&M
Leggings, Next
Sandals, George @ Asda
Zebra Cross-Body Bag, BHS
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  1. Malaga is one of my favourite ever cities, I love the mix of modern and old school charm. What a place to spend your birthday! x

  2. It was really lovely and we were so lucky to get such a gorgeous day! :) xxx


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