11 October 2014

Blogging Etiquette & The Arrival Of Autumn | Personal

One thing that really annoys me when it comes to blogging is when you take the time to read and enjoy someone's blog post and leave a comment, then the blogger never replies to your comment. It's bad manners in my book. Now, when it comes to blogs that receive hundreds or thousands of comments per post, I understand if they can't reply to each and every one. But when you comment on smaller blogs, you would expect the blogger to reply, in the hope that you will return to their blog in the future, or even become a regular reader.

When I receive a comment on my blog posts, it genuinely brings a smile to my face and I always reply to my readers' comments. This can lead to new friendships and discoveries.
When a blogger replies to a comment left on their page, it confirms to you that they have read that comment and may even be interested in follow-up comments of your thoughts and opinions. Just remember to sign up/subscribe to be notified of new comments/replies! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this subject. How does it make you feel when someone takes the time to comment on your blog post and/or reply to your comment?

I'd also like to encourage you to leave more comments on those blogs that fill up your BlogLovin' feed! If you enjoy their post, say so! If any thoughts pop into your head when reading blog posts, leave them in a comment! It really doesn't take much time and that comment will, I'm sure, be cherished by the writer. I've been bad at this too, but recently I've been taking those extra few moments to leave a comment on the blog posts that I've enjoyed or that have interested me. It'll make you feel good, I promise (especially if the favour is returned)!

Just a couple of other blogging-related loathes I have:
We really don't need to see 10+ photos of one single outfit - 5 will suffice!
Thinking of doing a month's worth of lipstick (or other single type of product) review posts? Please don't! I really hate when bloggers do this as I quickly lose interest. If you really have to do this, then make sure to publish other types of posts in between, to keep your readers interested.

What are your blogging-related loathes?
So, Autumn has well and truly arrived! The leaves are falling from the trees, the showers of rain are frequent, the wind is howling (like this swirling storm insiiide! Sorry, couldn't help myself...), and the daylight hours are less. I just love wrapping up against the elements and having that cosy, happy feeling; snuggling up on the sofa in the early evenings to watch a film or two; cooking up heart-warming comfort food and sipping on a delicious hot chocolate.

As we are off on our cruise to Spain and Portugal next week, we will be experiencing slightly different weather which will be odd! It'll be interesting to see if we find the contrast extreme when we return. Tips on what to wear while there would be most appreciated!

Are you loving Autumn?
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  1. Eeek I love Autumn so much. I've already whipped out my slow cooker and had enough hot chocolates to last a lifetime. Everything just feels so cosy right now. As I write this, it is pouring down outside so the kiddies and I are having a duvet day... probably going to watch Frozen now thanks to your little singing quote. Haven't a clue about what to wear on a cruise as I haven't been on one but I look forward to reading all about your holiday xxx

  2. Me too, the slow cooker is so handy this time of year! I hope you had a lovely duvet day - the best way to spend a rainy day! Haha, hope you enjoyed the film! :) As for what to wear on my holiday, I'm just wondering what to wear for the different climate really. I guess layers are my best bet! I'll be posting a cruise diary once I'm back. :) xxx

  3. Autumn is my favourite time of year. I always try and reply to comments but it is tough!

    Maria xxx

  4. I love Autumn and Winter so much; I hope we get a white Christmas this year! :) xxx

  5. I tend to reply to comments every few days in bulk, I always try to reply. And I dn't have too many comments so it doesn't take too long.

  6. That's a good idea, Char, and glad to hear it! :) xxx

  7. Ahhhhh I love this post!! I always reply to my blog comments - It's just polite & like you say it builds bonds & friendships with other bloggers! I absolutely 100000% agree with you about the pictures thing too. This has got to be my number 1 pet peeve! It doesn't matter how many different angled photographs you get of a top, its still the same fricken top! I've noticed a lot of 'bigger bloggers' do this & it's super super frustrating.

  8. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the post, Claire! Oh, the gazillion photos of one outfit are so annoying! Definitely agree that a lot of the bigger blogs tend to do this - I just don't see the point! I love when bloggers reply to my comments; it makes you feel like they truly appreciate your input. Thanks for stopping by! :) xxx


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