30 September 2014

September At A Glance + A Few Of My Favourite Things | Personal

September ended up being a pretty quiet month for me; we didn't venture out much and there weren't great selections on at the cinema this month so that took a back seat for a change.
Definitely more downs than ups this month in terms of general life; Dean is not happy in his current job and feels a little lost in regards to the future. He is thinking about looking into doing a course on something, but is unsure what. He feels left behind because his younger friends are off travelling and doing things, whereas he is a boring, old newly-wed! I say newly-wed - we've already been married four whole months which is a little crazy! Anyway, hopefully he will cheer up soon... He did buy me these lovely flowers though:
I also got to meet this little lad, Rupert, a new addition to the in-laws' pet family!

So with my general gloomy mood, blogging did take a bit of a nose-dive as I just wasn't feeling very inspired and was generally feeling pretty lazy! Apologies for that, but we all feel that way at some point. I'm slowly getting back into it and enjoying drafting up some new posts. One point to mention is that I am very happy with my new blog name and design:
Work is extremely busy at the moment which makes our up-coming holiday all the more enticing! Just two weeks until I'm lounging around on a cruise ship, heading for sunny Spain and Portugal! Suggestions on what to where there in October would be much appreciated.
We enjoyed a spontaneous trip to the cathedral city of Salisbury, Wiltshire; it was my first time there and it was lovely. It didn't feel like a city which was nice! We timed our visit well as there was a French and vintage market on. We did indulge in some French sweets...

I did make a few fashion and beauty purchases this month, some of which I still have to share with you. All in good time, folks.
Diet-wise, my healthy eating has slipped a little but on the other hand, I have done well with increasing my water intake. I'm looking forward to the weather turning colder so I can start making some soups! I made a lovely chicken curry just last night:

And to conclude the end of September, here are a few of my favourite things this month:
Downton Abbey
I was so excited for this amazing period drama returning to our screens this month! The first episode was an excellent start to the new series! I love seeing how people lived in different eras and I love how this show grows with the changing times; I find it fascinating!
NATIO Wellness Body Scrub
This is my favourite body scrub of the moment! It gives such a great exfoliation and leaves your skin so smooth and soft. Read my full review here.
Most Haunted
Another TV show I was extremely excited about returning was Most Haunted! I've loved this show for such a long time and the long wait of the new series is finally over! So far, the new series has been very interesting and exciting to watch.
Di Palomo Orange Blossom Hand & Nail Cream
I'm really enjoying the orange blossom range from Di Palomo! Currently, my most used product is my miniature-sized hand cream which lives in my handbag and comes in very handy for work!
theBalm What's Your Type? Tall, Dark & Handsome Mascara
I am loving this mascara! It lengthens and separates lashes without clumping and really opens up your eyes. I'll try to post a review soon!
My book-a-month reading challenge is going well; I finished off my first book (The Whaleboat House by Mark Mills) is less than a month and am now onto my second book (Call The Midwife by Jennifer Worth)!

I hope you enjoyed this post and please let me know if you'd like to see this as a monthly feature!
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