03 September 2014

How To Improve Your Outfit: Statement Accessories | Fashion

Statement accessories are wonderful things; they can drastically change an outfit in an instant! Whether it be a statement necklace, clutch or cocktail ring, statement accessories are vital to any stylish woman's wardrobe. Improving your outfit doesn't have to be costly; adding statement pieces will make your current wardrobe work harder and give it new life. I've picked out some great statement pieces to show you just how versatile and helpful they can be in aiding your style factor!

The Statement Necklace, Look #1:
A really simple Autumn outfit is taken to new heights with the addition of this 3D flower necklace in a gorgeous plum colour. This would work equally well with a mustard yellow or navy jumper and the ankle boots could be swapped for knee-highs.

Jumper, £19.99 | Jeans, £10 | Boots, £25 | Necklace, £12.50
Total Outfit Cost: £67.49

The Statement Necklace, Look #2:
This edgy, monochrome evening outfit is finished off with a pop of zesty colour from this chartreuse beaded necklace. It's a colour that works particularly well with monochrome, and in any season.
Top, £35 | Trousers, £32 | Shoes, £32 | Necklace, £9.99
Total Outfit Cost: £108.99

The Statement Clutch, Look #1:
With such a statement clutch by your side, this gorgeous outfit needs no other accessories. A perfect balance of glamour and sophistication.
Dress, £70 | Shoes, £35 | Clutch, £45
Total Outfit Cost: £150

The Statement Clutch, Look #2:
This casual outfit is transformed into a relaxed yet stylish evening outfit with the addition of this wonderfully sparkly silver clutch.

Tunic, £35 | Jeans, £40 | Boots, £27.99 | Clutch, £35
Total Outfit Cost: £137.99

The Statement Scarf:
This basic yet edgy outfit is finished off perfectly with the bold leopard print scarf. This look would also work with a khaki jacket.

Top, £6 | Jeans, £27.99 | Jacket, £149.99 | Boots, £49.99 | Scarf, £7.50
Total Outfit Cost: £241.47

The Statement Ring:
This classic outfit with midnight-blue hues is kept understated and chic, with a touch of glamour and glitz from the cocktail rings.
Statement Rings
Dress, £38 | Blazer, £24.99 | Shoes, £40 | Ring #1, £14 | Ring #2, £14
Total Outfit Cost: £130.99

What is your favourite statement accessory?
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