12 August 2014

Review: Bomb Cosmetics Pink Rhubarb Bath Mallow | Beauty

Bomb Cosmetics Pink Rhubarb Encounter Bath Mallow, £2.03/each

I was so excited to try this bath mallow so I used it the other evening for a relaxing bath while I read my book.
Before using, the mallow had a lovely and sweet rhubarb scent. I plonked the whole mallow into the bath and watched it melt away into the water.
I spent about 45 minutes in the bath and it made my skin feel super soft and smooth; particularly my feet! Unfortunately, once melted in the water, the scent changed into a more earthy smell with a hint of rhubarb. I was left smelling pretty undesirable, as was my bathroom! It's hard to describe the smell it left behind but it sort of smelt like that lingering stale food smell... Not really what I was hoping for! Scent aside, this product did exactly what I wanted so I will definitely re-purchase this in a different scent!

I did hope to include additional photos of the product, but due to technical issues they seem to have disappeared into thin air!

Have you tried this or any other Bomb Cosmetics products? I'd love to hear what you thought of them!
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