07 August 2014

3 Evening Looks | Fashion

Everyone loves to get dressed up for an evening occasion every once in a while, don't they?! I've created three gorgeous evening looks for you to check out!

Look #1:
The focal point of this outfit is the stunning dress. I've kept the jewellery delicate and the shoes subtle, but added a pop of sparkly colour with the purple clutch, taking the colour from the pattern on the dress.
Evening Look #1
Dress, £55 £44 | Shoes, £ | Clutch, £22 | Earrings, £8
Total Outfit Cost: £104

Look #2:
This outfit is slightly more relaxed but still dressed-up, showing that you can be comfortable while being super stylish! I've kept most of this look low-key and added a pop of colour from the amazing heels!
Evening Look 2
Top, £28 | Trousers, £12 | Shoes, £30 | Clutch, £35 | Necklace, £34.95
Total Outfit Cost: £139.95

Look #3:
This third look is sophisticated and glamorous, with cobalt blue, silver and a dash of leopard print!
Evening Look 3
Dress, £30 | Shoes, £40 | Clutch, £55 | Necklace, £8
Total Outfit Cost: £133

Which look is your favourite?
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  1. Oooh I LOVE outfit number 2! So classic but with the bright shoes it just finishes it off :)

  2. thejollyfashionista10 August 2014 at 12:14

    Thanks, Amber! I think it's my favourite, too. :) xxx


I absolutely love reading your comments and really appreciate your input! x