13 May 2014

The Met Gala's Best & Worst Looks: My Picks | Fashion

I may be a little late to the game with a Met-related post, but never mind! I'm so busy at the moment I'm finding it challenging to keep up with blogging and don't even ask about reading other blogs; don't worry, I haven't forgotten about my fave blogs, I promise!
So, here are my picks of the best dressed females at The Met Gala:
Blake Lively Red Carpet Arrivals Met Gala Jb9 HTM
Blake Lively
Blake looks absolutely stunning in this silk chiffon Gucci gown in blush pink. I love the figure-hugging style and the bodice is very flattering. Her Hollywood-glam hair and understated make-up look great with this dress.
I vote 10/10 for this look!
Rosie Huntington Whiteley Red Carpet Arrivals UV
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
I'm glad Rosie opted for this little number by Balmain rather than the popular ball gown as she pulls it off wonderfully! I absolutely love the leopard print element and the strappy gladiator heels work really well with this look. The leather arms and gold metal detail give the dress that extra edge!
I vote 8/10 for this look!
Emma Stone Red Carpet Arrivals Met Gala Part bt C
Emma Stone
At a quick glance, this Thakoon outfit could be mistaken for a dress, but Emma actually opted for a cropped top and a bright pink, flowing split skirt. I love her side-do and how she's accessorised with silver heels and clutch.
I vote 7/10 for this look!
Rihanna Red Carpet Arrivals Met Gala Part 6 ZDJmg
In true Rihanna style, she had to show a little flesh! She did this very tastefully in Stella McCartney, wearing long sleeves and a floor-length skirt. I love the bright-white outfit and the dazzling silver jewels!
I vote 9/10 for this look!
Rosamund Pike Red Carpet Arrivals Met Gala Igy Gt
Rosamund Pike
Rosamund Pike is so adorable, isn't she? She always has such a sweet smile! I love her quirky monochrome Louis Vuitton outfit; the layered skirt with crinkle detail is really pretty and feminine, while the leather croc-textured bodice toughens up the look.
I vote 7/10 for this look!

And here are my picks of the worst dressed females:
Zoe Saldana Red Carpet Arrivals Met Gala Part jw
Zoe Saldana
This Michael Kors number really does not do it for me! The simple bodice looks great but the puffy, curtain-look skirt is hideous! I like Zoe's delicate jewellery and silver clutch, though!
I vote 2/10 for this look!
Katie Holmes Red Carpet Arrivals Met Gala pk BKXn
Katie Holmes
Oh dear... What happened, Katie?! This Marchesa dress is all wrong! It reminds me of something out of a Western film. The mustard yellow colour teamed with this fabric is just awful. The embroidery detail looks really garish and out of place and the pouffy off-the-shoulder style is just plain wrong. I really like her hair like this but her make-up accentuates her tired eyes.
I vote 1/10 for this look!
Alexa Chung Red Carpet Arrivals Met Gala Part r Q
Alexa Chung
It's that ruffled, wrinkly fabric again... Although they don't go with this dress, I love these shoes and I also love the gorgeous embellished clutch! But this powder blue Nina Ricci dress does nothing for Alexa's slim figure. The flared-out bottom of the skirt is terrible and the row of little bows looks like a last minute idea which actually make this dress look even worse!
I vote 3/10 for this look!
Maggie Gyllenhaal Red Carpet Arrivals Met IPYNX1
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Firstly, what the hell happened to Maggie's hair?! Not a fan of the bleach blonde look on her. This Valentino gown is ghastly. I really don't like the spot print or the colours; they seem really Autumnal. Also, the cape over the dress itself makes it look even worse.
I vote 1/10 for this look!
So, which looks were your favourite and least favourite? Do you agree with my choices? I'd love to hear!
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  1. So many gorgeous dresses, but also a lot that I really don't like e.g. the Louis Vuitton look and the Valentino gown. Both outfits seem really out of character for both designers :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. Yes, the Valentino gown is awful! xxx

  3. I love Blake Lively and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - but what was Katie Holmes thinking? Love your scoring idea:)

  4. thejollyfashionista15 May 2014 at 08:35

    They are my faves! :) I think she was going for Belle from Beauty & The Beast, but it went a tad wrong! Thank you, I hope to do more of these type of posts. xxx


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