13 April 2014

The Cookie Jar #04: Simple Cookies | Food

Hi guys! Apologies for not posting anything the last couple of days but I've been pretty busy. We had a funeral to attend on Friday, which was in Cornwall, so that was a three hour drive each way. Yesterday we had housework to catch up on and then had friends round in the evening, so I haven't had much chance to sit down and write a post! I woke up early this morning and got baking these cookies so I could get this post written this morning!

Today from the Classic Cookies section, we have the Simple Cookie.
These cookies were more time-consuming than the others as you had to roll them out e.t.c. I didn't have any nutmeg so I used cinnamon instead. I also sprinkled the finished cookies with caster sugar as they are really plain and don't have much flavour. I wouldn't make these again as they didn't do much for me!

Will you be making these simple cookies?
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