05 April 2014

How To Wear Leopard Print: Three Looks | Fashion

Hi guys! Today I am showing you how you can wear leopard print in three different looks. I love leopard print, but some people shy away from it, thinking they can't pull it off, when really it is so easy! Whether you use it in accessories, shoes or a dress, there's a leopard print look for you.

Look #1:
This look could be worn as workwear and would also look great as an evening look; just swap the bag for a sparkly clutch! The earrings and embellished neckline on the top bring the glam factor to this look, while the blazer pulls it all together.
Leopard #1
Top, £28 | Skirt, £40 | Blazer, £40 | Shoes, £50 £35 | Bag, £49.99 | Earrings, £2.99
Total Outfit Cost: £195.98

Look #2:
This has a simple base which I have built up with leopard print accessories and shoes. Leopard with cobalt-blue works really well and the leather trousers give it that edge. Wear this for a night out!
Leopard #2
Blouse, £10 | Trousers, £35 | Shoes, £79 £39 | Cuff, £12 | Clutch, £65 £32.50
Total Outfit Cost: £128.50

Look #3:
For the third look, I've gone for a girly, daytime look with pops of pink and sparkly sandals. I love the collar of this dress and it's such a versatile piece as you could dress it up or down any way you want!
Leopard #3
Dress, £19.99 | Bag, £30 | Sandals, £40 | Earrings, £3 | Sunglasses, £14
Total Outfit Cost: £106.99
Which look is your favourite? Are you a fan of leopard print?
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  1. daisychaindream5 April 2014 at 20:39

    I love me a bit of leopard, the third outfit is my favourite I think! x

  2. cor - Love the skirt in outfit one! - that's a great look - love the jacket colour and croc print heels. Love the other two looks as well - The shoes in outfit two and the bag in outfit three are soooo nice

  3. thejollyfashionista6 April 2014 at 12:39

    It's such a versatile dress! :) xxx

  4. thejollyfashionista6 April 2014 at 12:39

    Thanks, Paul! :) xxx


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