17 April 2014

#100happydays Challenge: Days 1-10 | Personal

After hearing about this fun challenge via A Beautiful Mess, I decided to take part! Basically, for 100 consecutive days, you have to try and post a photo via Instagram of something that has made you happy that day. Simple, right?! Not always! I've done quite well so far, but sometimes have to post the photos late and I did miss one day altogether, but that was a bad day!

Here are my happy day Instagram photos from days 1-10:
(click collage for large image)

My new necklace! | Skittles! | An after dinner treat. | Homemade oat cookies. | Surprise flowers from Dean!
Our first wedding RSVP. | Love. | Yummy sausage casserole! | Missed day. | Chocolate M&M's.

So the moral of the story is... food makes me happy! Haha. I do like my food!

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Please let me know if you are taking part in this challenge as I'd love to follow your #100happydays!
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