21 March 2014

Introducing The BNC Project + Cruelty-Free Face Of The Day | Beauty

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce the Beauty - No Cruelty project, created by fellow blogger Lizzie Ford of Head Full of Flowers. Read the original post here.
BNC project
The BNC Project aims to help raise awareness about animal testing in the cosmetics industry and show you how you can make the transition to cruelty-free products. Despite the EU ban on animal testing for cosmetics, there is still a large percentage of countries who still conduct tests on helpless animals for some of your favourite cosmetics brands. There are loads of amazing cruelty-free beauty brands out there and I can't wait to show you some of my favourites! This is a project that I am truly excited and passionate about and I hope you will get involved too; please read the original post (link above) for details on how to get involved.

My first post for The BNC Project is a Face Of The Day using only cruelty-free products.
I was going for a simple daytime look, keeping it natural with a splash of colour on the eyes. Please do excuse the bushy eyebrows and my frizzy hair!
Products I used:
e.l.f. Flawless Finish Foundation in Porcelain
e.l.f. Baked Blush in Peachy Cheeky
e.l.f. Flawless Eyeshadow in Happy Hour
MUA Mega Volume Mascara in Black
Barry M Lip Gloss in Toffee (lwg2)

I'm really happy with my new e.l.f. products! The eyeshadow palette is lovely and the baked blush really does give you a nice glow - not really evident in the photos!

For more cruelty free brands, check out these useful links:
PETA Beauty Without Bunnies
Not Tested
Go Cruelty Free
Bunny Beautiful

The BNC Project; I'm in, are you?
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* Please Note: all products featured in any BNC posts are, to the best of my knowledge - using available information and research, cruelty-free.


  1. Gorgeous look Emma, thanks so much for being part of the project, looking forward to future posts!
    L x

  2. thejollyfashionista21 March 2014 at 17:29

    Thanks, Lizzie! :) xxx

  3. Lovely look...I just clicked through to your post from Lizzie's blog. I'm going to have a browse of these links and see what sort of products i should be buying in future. Thanks for the encouragement! Danielle x

    frontière girl

  4. thejollyfashionista21 March 2014 at 18:45

    Thanks, Danielle! You're welcome. :) I hope you discover some lovely brands you may not have heard of before. xxx


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