07 March 2014

Brand Focus: JeannieRichard Jewellery | Fashion

JeannieRichard is a jewellery brand based in Singapore and owned by husband and wife team, Jeannie and Richard. Inspired by music, architecture and their surroundings, they use bead-stitching and chainmaille to create unusual, original pieces that should flatter the wearer.

Here are my favourite pieces:
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Silver Heart Necklace/Bracelet, £17.22
This is a really delicate, versatile piece which can be worn as a necklace or you can wrap it around your wrist three times to create a pretty bracelet! Made with silver beads that sparkle like diamonds. This would be a lovely gift to give to or receive from a loved one.
Bronze Infinity Cord Bracelet, £18.45
Symbolising the promise of love, this waxed cotton cord bracelet features three bronze rings interlocking within each other. I love the notion behind this design; the interlocking rings symbolising your infinite love for your other half. These are unisex designs so you could have matching bracelets!
(This also comes in silver.)
Mint 3riangle Bracelet, £12.30
I love this minimalist design and I particularly love the mint-green colour of the little beads! A pretty and delicate design.
Bowtie Ring, £21.53
This shimmering gold beaded ring features a fun, quirky bowtie design in black beading. This will add the cute factor to any outfit!
Flores Negras Tassel Earrings, £43.05
I love these long, dangly earrings. With black and gold beaded flowers and a pyrite crystal teardrop, these earrings will finish off your evening outfit beautifully!
Oxblood Rust Heart Bracelet, £11.07
And saving the best till last, here is my favourite piece! I think this bracelet is just beautiful with the rusty-red Japanese Miyuki Delica beads. The price is amazing too! I think I feel a purchase coming up...

Which piece is your favourite?
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* Please Note: This is not a sponsored post but this post does contain affiliated links and if you choose to make a purchase from JeannieRichard, I will receive a 20% commission on each sale.


  1. I haven't heard of this company before so thank you. It's very pretty. I love those earrings. I'm definitely going to take a look now! Xxx

  2. thejollyfashionista8 March 2014 at 08:45

    You're welcome. :) They are very pretty. The use of those beads is something I haven't really seen before but it works really well. xxx


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