02 February 2014

The Norwegian Cruise Diaries: Day Eight + Conclusion | Personal

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25th May 2013:
We woke at 9am, had breakfast in the Windjammer at 10:15am then went up to the pool deck to buy a t-shirt in aid of the Make-A-Wish charity. We got to meet our captain and he signed our t-shirt.
WP 20130525 001
Dean and I then had a game of mini golf which was good fun! Dean won by 2 points. We went back to our room briefly where we met Wendy who had recovered from being ill. Dean had a go at ice-skating in Studio B but failed to let go of the rail and didn't stick around too long! I sat and watched him, laughing every so often!
We relaxed for a while in our room and made our 6pm dinner reservation. We went to Cafe Promenade for the first time. I had a caramel macchiato, Tuscany-style focaccia bread slice and a chocolate brownie. Dean had a cappuccino, cheese & ham croissant and an Italian ham poppy seed roll. All the food was complimentary so we were disappointed that we hadn't realised earlier in the cruise! Hot drinks were charged separately.
We sat next to Bill and Cindy for dinner again which was good fun. Cindy kindly invited us to stay if we ever decide to visit Texas! Our main waiter in the dining room was Rohan (sp?) and he always gave us an excellent service. We went to the 9pm show with singer/comedienne, Diane Cousins.
WP 20130525 008
She was pretty funny and had a powerful singing voice. At the end of the show, all the entertainers and acts from the cruise came on stage and then we shook the Captain and other staff members' hands on the way out of the theatre. I had a banana daiquiri during the show but I found it a bit too strong! We ended the night filming a 40 minute video tour of the ship to show our families, then went to the pizza parlour and then to bed! The next day we were up early and departed our ship around 8:30am, very sad to be back home!

Our Phone Photos From The Trip:
WP 20130520 001
WP 20130520 002
WP 20130521 001
WP 20130521 009
WP 20130525 006
9909 10201335661302267 287505447 n
968916 10201335660462246 922044381 n
945544 10201335659542223 1525387388 n
400801 10201335658982209 705478615 n
936297 10201335653062061 1561794392 n
971846 10201335658782204 1297162643 n
960260 10201335651182014 493116131 n
426666 10201335659662226 2056823007 n

I hope you have enjoyed reading my Norwegian cruise diary and we are hoping to take another cruise this year for our honeymoon, so there might well be another cruise diary coming up later in the year!  
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