27 February 2014

How To Wear Oriental Prints: Three Looks | Fashion

What a strange day of sunshine, rain and hail! Dean and I went off to Sherborne for a browse round the shops. If you've never been there, you must go as there are lots of little gift shops and cute places. We bought a take-away lunch at a little cafe and we also bought a Thai chicken dish from one of the market stalls which was lovely. As we were parked in Sainsbury's, we popped in for a quick browse before heading home. We discovered a peanut butter instant hot drink - yum! We also treated ourselves to a "fine piece" each (in English - a sweet treat from the bakery!). I got an amazingly delicious chocolate cupcake which was so good I had to Instagram it - link in the sidebar.

Today's post is focused on the Oriental print which has blossomed onto the shop shelves for the next season. I think the best way of wearing this print is to make sure the rest of your outfit is toned down, making the item showcasing the Oriental print the main focus of your look. I've created three looks to show how you could wear this pretty print.

Look #1:
This look focuses on the gorgeous, printed cigarette trousers. Printed trousers can be a difficult look to pull off (I'm yet to try some!), but by choosing the right accessories and colour palette, you can look stunning! I've matched the clutch and shoes to the gorgeous fuchsia shade in the trousers and I've kept the top really simple and the jewellery in a neutral silver with interesting textures.
Oriental Prints #1
Trousers, £38 | Top, £18 | Clutch, £45 £27 | Loafers, £12 | Earrings, £8 | Bracelet, £12
Total Outfit Cost: £115

Look #2:
The focal point of this outfit is the gorgeous shirt featuring a pretty, delicate Oriental print. I've kept the accessories quite simple, adding texture with the glittered flats. This shirt would also look great in an evening look.
Oriental Print #2
Shirt, £42 | Jeans, £22.99 | Bag, £37 | Flats, £18 £14.40 | Earrings, £6
Total Outfit Cost: £122.39

Look #3:
This outfit is great for a dinner date or night out. The Oriental print dress speaks for itself, so I have teamed it with black bow detail shoes, burnt-orange earrings, a fuchsia-coloured textured clutch and a black blazer with a subtle jacquard print.
Oriental Print #3
Dress, £44 | Blazer, £30 | Clutch, £30 | Shoes, £29 | Earrings, £6
Total Outfit Cost: £139

Which look is your favourite?
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  1. I so love those trousers in the first outfit! xx

  2. thejollyfashionista27 February 2014 at 17:08

    Me too, they are gorgeous! :) xxx

  3. Another vote for the trousers in the first outfit _ i also love the dress in outfit 3 - that is really nice !

  4. thejollyfashionista2 March 2014 at 08:13

    Thank you! :) xxx


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