07 February 2014

High Street Lust: Miss Selfridge Pink Mini Bags | Fashion

These beautiful bags caught my eye the other day whilst browsing the Miss Selfridge website. Aren't they wonderful? I'd love to buy one in each shade of pink! They would be so great for Spring/Summer!
Pale Pink & Fuchsia Pink Mini Bags, £29 each @ Miss Selfridge
If I had to choose one (believe me, it's tough!), I would buy the fuchsia pink one, mainly because I don't wear much bright-coloured clothing and so this would give a great colour pop to a pastel-coloured outfit! I love the black contrast piping on the fuchsia one and the grey piping on the pale pink one.
Dean would probably kill me if I bought another handbag so soon after my recent Zara purchase, but a bright-coloured bag is on my list of must-have/must-buy staple items. Maybe if it goes on sale... although it's a pretty bargainous price already!

Do you love these as much as me?!
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