22 February 2014

A Trip To Liberty's Owl, Raptor & Reptile Centre | Lifestyle

Hi guys! Just a quick post this evening!
Today we went to Liberty's Owl, Raptor and Reptile Centre near Ringwood, Hampshire. It was quite a sunny day and not a drop of rain in sight! It was damn chilly though! First we looked around at the birds, including eagles, vultures and owls.
IMG 0532
IMG 0522
IMG 0523
IMG 0524
IMG 0526
IMG 0527
We then watched a show-and-tell in the Reptile Room. Little did I know this would involve a tarantula and three different snakes being show to us and being literally inches away from my face! I have a great phobia of spiders but I was actually more uncomfortable around the wriggling snakes! They also showed us a huge snake which they placed on the floor for us to look at (from a safe distance in my case, of course!). Then we saw a flying display with four different birds which was great and very informative.
IMG 0528
(Sugarpuff, my favourite owl!)

My camera died pretty quickly so I used my phone for most of the photos. After the flying display we went to the closest McDonald's for a late lunch/early tea then headed home. When I got home I made myself a bath with my lovely new raspberry bubble bath from The Highland Soap Co. as I hadn't warmed up yet, so I had a nice long soak while reading a book! We're off out tomorrow evening and probably Thursday evening, so hopefully I'll get a few outfit posts up!

What have you been up to today?
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