05 January 2014

The Norwegian Cruise Diaries: Day Four | Personal

(Part One | Part Two | Part Three)

21st May 2013:
We were woken by our alarm at 8am. We got ready and then went for breakfast in the Windjammer. We then departed the ship as it had been docked in Skjolden since 7am.
We had a walk around Skjolden and visited another COOP supermarket where we bought a troll ornament. We then went to a nearby souvenir shop and bought another small troll ornament.
There were some modern-looking holiday apartments that were built in/above the water.
We went back to the ship at 11:30am and went for an early lunch in the Windjammer before meeting on the pier at 12:45pm with our nature walk excursion group. There were only about 28 of us which was quite nice.
Our tour guide was Jacques; a Dutch man who told us some stories about Norway and this particular port, like the Prince who had a house here (see below) and had apparently had a secret staircase and entrance built in so that he could bring home women at night!
We saw a llama farm and the llamas were so cute!
Jacques also showed us these little holiday huts which years ago used to be quite popular but nowadays are rarely rented out.
We continued our walk up to the Sengjaberget viewpoint. We came back the same route.
We went back to COOP to grab a drink and a couple of foreign chocolate bars to try then headed back to the ship.
We were back onboard and in our room by 3:30pm.
We rested in our room for a while as we were quite tired from our walk! We later got ready and decided to venture into the main dining room on deck 5 - the King Lear dining room - for dinner.
We heard the couple in front of us being told that there were no tables for two left. When we enquired about a table, the dining room host quietly told us that usually you need to book in advance but as this was our first time in the dining room, we could get a table for two!
At first, we felt really uncomfortable and out of place in the dining room as it was pretty formal! We were seated next to an older couple who later began chatting to us and we became quite friendly with them. They were called Bill and Cindy and were from Texas - where at the time was experiencing tornados! Bill is a Doctor and owns his own medical centre and Cindy is a Doctor in the Professor sense at a university. She was celebrating her 60th birthday and their 20th wedding anniversary. They had lots of interesting stories to tell! We found they had similar music tastes to us, like Classic Rock.
For dinner, dean had chilled cherry brisque spiked with wine to start, steak for his main and Bailey's banana creme brulee for dessert. I had classic Caesar salad to start, chicken breast with veg for my main and a cappuccino & chocolate layer cake for dessert. It was all lovely and the service was excellent.
After dinner, we went back to our room. I gave my sister a quick phone call to catch up. We went to see a show in the theatre at 9pm; a comedian called Paul Adams. He was pretty good! The show finished just before 10pm and then we went back to our room and ordered room service at 11pm; hot chocolate and cookies before bed!
Dean also bought me a milkshake from Ben & Jerry's. The ship was rocking and swaying quite a bit as the sea was getting quite rough. We had a cute elephant towel animal! In bed by midnight.
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