04 January 2014

Cushions: Top 10 Picks + My Latest Purchases | Home

I have a small list of homeware items I'd like to update this year, and I managed to tick one item of the list just a few days ago; new sofa cushions!
This will be our third set of cushions for this sofa. First we had five matching faux fur silvery-brown husky-style cushions which were lovely but I find faux fur cushions get quite flat and matted pretty quickly.
Then we had five damask-flocked cushions; three white with black flock and two black with pinky-red flock. These are the ones that were replaced just yesterday when my latest Dunelm Mill order arrived. Our damask cushions were just looking quite tired and a bit grubby, so I was really excited to order these gorgeous cushions.
Also, I only purchased three; just for the centre of our curved corner sofa. This was because I couldn't find another two cushions I liked to match in with my theme. If they had been cheaper, I would have bought two more of the tweed ones. Anyway, I'm actually really happy with just the three in the centre as it's a really nice focal point of the room!
Our living space has all-black gloss or glass furniture and white walls, with some red accessories, and I am slowly updating it with more homely pieces, like these beauties, which do have a lovely pinky-red running through them:
Stag Patchwork Cushion, £9.99 | Tweed Woven Collection Cushions, £12.99 £10.39 each
I absolutely love my new cushions!

Here are my top ten picks of other cushions around at the moment:
1. Red Striped Cushion, £18 £12.60 @ Debenhams
If you're looking to add a splash of warm colour to a neutral room, these striped multi-tonal red cushions would be a nice touch. I like that the stripes have a raised velvet effect.
2. Sequined Grey Faux Fur Cushion, £7.99 @ Dunelm Mill
These would work in both a bedroom and a living space, teamed with other textures. I love the subtle sequin detail.
3. Faux Fur Cushion, £15 @ John Lewis
This faux fur silver-grey cushion will add a touch of luxury and comfort to your room. I like that the back of the cushion is a suede-feel material.
4. Embellished Snake Print Sequins Cushion, £12 @ Next
I really love this cushion! It has all-over sequin detail over the snakeskin print. This would be great paired with leather and faux fur for a modern, glamorous feel!
5. Home Embellished Cushion, £12 £6 @ Matalan
This lovely cushion is embellished with sequins and applique details. A lovely accent cushion for the sofa. Great with faux fur cushions for a cosy, homely feel.
6. Textured Cushion, £20 @ BHS
If you already have your accent cushion and want to add some texture in a neutral colour, this cushion could be a great option! If you wanted an all-natural look, this would look great with cushion #10 as your accent!
7. Canvas Cushion Cover, £7.99 @ H&M
For a modern, monochrome touch, try this popular chevron-print cushion cover.
8. Alligator Faux Fur Small Cushion, £18 @ Very
I really love the subtle faux alligator texture on this furry cushion! Teamed with silver cushions, this could give a really luxurious look.
9. Oliver Owl Applique Cushion, £35 @ Marks & Spencer
For a woodland theme, this owl cushion could be just the ticket! It would also look lovely in a child's room.
10. Stag Cushion, £17 @ Modern.
This stag cushion has a real Wintery feel; the background looks like snow! Team this with other warm neutrals for a cosy, modern look.

Are there any homeware pieces you are looking to update this year?
I'll let you know when my other items have been ticked off the list, and of course share with you what I buy!
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  1. I absolutely love your stag cushion and also the Modern stag too. Xxx

  2. thejollyfashionista5 January 2014 at 16:01

    Thanks, Liz! I'm really happy with them. :) xxx


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