23 January 2014

Burt's Bees Super Shiny Mango Shampoo & Conditioner | Review

So, as I said in my Boots + Avon haul post, after using some new hair products for a short time, the condition of my hair went downhill - fast. And as promised, here are the products responsible:
Super Shiny Mango Shampoo & Conditioner, £9.99 each @ Burt's Bees

I received these hair products for Christmas as they were on my wishlist. I'd been wanting to try them for ages! Who wouldn't want super shiny hair?!

These products claim to give a natural shine, reduce frizz, de-tangle hair, leave your hair feeling soft, silky and looking healthy. SLS and paraben free, these products use nearly 100% natural ingredients including, mango seed oil, fig extract and avocado oil.

The scent is a strong, fruity scent but it has a sharp tang to it which I dislike. The formula of the shampoo is fine, if a little runny, and it seems to give good coverage. For an SLS-free product, this actually foams up really well. The conditioner formula is okay but it doesn't spread through hair easily. I don't like the dispenser on these products because you have to be careful with the shampoo as if you squeeze the bottle too hard it will miss your hand completely and you'll waste the product and as for the conditioner, it's quite hard work to dispense it as these plastic bottles don't squeeze easily and the dispenser only allows a small amount out at a time!
Even after the very first use, I knew something wasn't right. These products left my hair feeling greasy, unwashed, and very dry. They did not de-tangle my hair at all and didn't help with frizz. I didn't even notice an extra shine. They completely stripped any goodness from my hair and left it in a very sorry state; and this was only after about four uses. I felt bad that I couldn't carry on using these products as they had been a Christmas gift, but I dread to think what my hair would be like now if I'd finished them! I had such high hopes for these products and was left very disappointed. After my experience, I read up on some other reviews of these products and it seems quite a lot of other users have had the same problems. I think Burt's Bees need to completely re-think their formulas in these haircare products.

Please let me know if you've tried these products and what your experience with them was like.
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  1. It's such a shame when you get something you've wanted only to be disappointed xxx

  2. thejollyfashionista24 January 2014 at 22:01

    It really is! I'll have to do more research next time! I'm happy with my new haircare products from Avon though. :) xxx


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