15 December 2013

The Norwegian Cruise Diaries: Intro + Day One | Personal

Back in May, Dean and I embarked on a wonderful journey and went on our first ever cruise! This was actually my first time leaving the UK; nothing like doing it in style, right?! We chose the Norwegian Fjords as our destination because we love scenic places, going for walks, exploring e.t.c. and it sounded perfect for us. We sailed with Royal Caribbean on Independence of the Seas.

18th May 2013:

We arrived at the Port of Southampton at around 1:30pm and headed for the check-in. The sheer size of our ship was unbelieveable! Unfortunately we missed the porters outside who should have tagged and taken our luggage away, but never mind, we just had to lug them onto the ship ourselves and take them to our room. When you get to the check-in desk - after a long queue in a very hot and stuffy building - they take your photos for your SeaPass card which serves as your I.D. and form of payment on-board.
There are many touch screen information points on each deck of the ship which you can use to find out what activities are on at what times and how to find certain places.

We arrived at our Ocean View stateroom 3328, which was really lovely. It had a queen-sized bed, a sofa, lots of storage, a stocked mini fridge, a safe, wardrobe and a shower room.

We went up to the top deck (there were 14!) to look around and then everyone had to take part in the Muster Drill safety procedure.
After this, we went to the front of the ship where we could wave off Dean's parents and brother who had dropped us off.

We then went back to our room to unpack and get changed as it was a very hot and sunny day! We had a walk around the ship, browsed the Royal Promenade shops (it was like an indoor high street and there was even an antique car on display!), looked at the golf course and video arcade.

We decided to go to the 50's-style diner, Johnny Rockets for our evening meal at around 6pm. It had a really fun atmosphere. It cost $4.95 per person which included, fries and onion rings to share, then you chose a starter and main each, then a dessert and paid for the drinks separately. I had cheese fries, a BBQ chicken grilled sandwich, a hot fudge sundae and my drink was a chocolate milkshake topped with whipped cream! It was lovely. All the staff shout "Everyone say hello!" when you enter the restaurant and "Everyone say goodbye!" when you leave! The staff all over the ship are extremely friendly. We met our stateroom attendant, Wendy, who was really lovely.
We went to the video arcade after our meal as it was just next door. We tried to play ski-ball but we couldn't get it to work. We went back to our room and checked out the interactive TV which lets you see your on-board account and all your purchases. We were ecstatic when we saw we had $200 FREE on-board credit to spend! The time was now 7:48pm. We were informed that there would be a time change at 2am - one hour forward.

We wandered around for a while, then later we spent $20 in the casino! We watched the welcome parade at 10:35pm then went to Sorrento's Pizza for a slice each and a drink of water (all-inclusive). We checked out the gothic-themed night club, Labyrinth and then went back to our room, watched some TV then got into bed by midnight.

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