22 December 2013

The Norwegian Cruise Diaries: Day Two | Personal

(Read part one here.)

19th May 2013:
I woke a few times briefly during the night, but overall slept well; the bed was really comfy! We were woken by our alarm at 8am. Once we'd showered and gotten ready, Dean went to collect our tickets to the ice show which was on the next evening.

At 10am we had breakfast at the Windjammer CafĂ© which is the buffet restaurant. There were lots of options and I settled for some sausages, hash browns and apple pancakes with syrup. Lovely! You could feel the ship swaying slightly while in the Windjammer! We went back to our room briefly then headed outside. It was very cold and windy outside. We wandered around for a while looking at the library and walking around the promenade. We checked out Cupcake Cupboard and decided we'd come back soon for a treat! We went back to our room at around 12 (the room had been cleaned and the bed re-made) and had a little nap. Well, Dean had the nap while I watched the sea out of our porthole.

We just had a nice, casual and relaxing day. We went to the Windjammer for lunch at around 1:30pm and got a nice window table. The views are great. I had a little lemon tart for dessert! We went to watch The Dark Knight (Rises?) in the cinema/theatre then went to the promenade and got a coke each and a bubblegum cupcake from the Cupcake Cupboard! It was lovely but sickly!

We had our first towel animal - a dog - in our room too!
We then went outside and it was still really windy but we played a little game of table tennis and then sat on the swinging chairs in the solarium. We went to the Windjammer for dinner at 7:45pm.
There were some amazing sculptures made from fruits! We had a window table again and had a lovely view of the sunny sky. Since I've moved to England, I have a great ability to pick up the Scottish accent and at this point I'd already heard a few Scots around the ship! I'd just like to mention now that the service from the waiters in the Windjammer is amazing. Obviously it's self-serve buffet but they clear plates and tables super-fast and are always very helpful. I had a tropical fruit salad for dessert and OH MY GOD, the apples were the best apples I've ever tasted in my life! I want to know their origin! We went back to our room at 8:30pm. Our stateroom attendant, Wendy, had been in again and turned down the bed and prepared our room for the evening. It was lovely coming back to the room with the lights dimmed, curtains closed and the bed looking so welcoming!
We'd spotted another cruise ship travelling nearby which seemed to be going the same route as us. We hadn't spotted any sea life yet. We went out and watched the sunset at 9:45pm. It was a beautiful red sky.

Still very windy; brushing of hair is a frequent requirement!

We then went to check out the Pyramid Lounge for the movie mania quiz night with Tim. We met and joined up with a friendly English couple and then halfway through, another English couple joined us. Our team scored 32/36 so we did pretty well! We didn't win but the prizes were Royal Caribbean keyrings and luggage tags. We went back to our room at 11:05pm after a brief cool-down outside. We checked out the Room Service options on the TV which were great; FREE 24hr snacks and drinks! Breakfast in your room is also available.

At 12:10am we went to the solarium and pool area; it was great as there was no-one around! We went to Sorrento's for a slice of pizza and a drink, then back to our room by 1:30am for bed!

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  1. wow looks like a gorgeous cruise ship! The towel animal is amazing haha! Love these diary posts! Norway sounds like a great destination too-my friend visited and said the sights are amazing, really beautiful views apparently-definitely would like to go one day!
    L xo

  2. thejollyfashionista24 December 2013 at 08:05

    It was an amazing experience. Norway is very beautiful and there are loads of lovely waterfalls everywhere! I would definitely recommend visiting Norway. After our visit we said we'd love to live there! And yes, the towel animals are awesome and there's more to come. Merry Christmas! xxx


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