08 December 2013

The All About Me Tag | Personal

I found this tag over at Beauty by Alicee.

First of all tell us your name and what you do...
My name is Emma and I work as a night carer at a residential care home and I also manage this fashion blog in my spare time.

I live at home with...
My fiancé, Dean.

My favourite thing(s) to do are...
Blogging, reading other blogs, buying clothes and accessories, going for walks and watching films.

My favourite thing to eat is...
My homemade macaroni cheese (for the savoury option)! Good quality vanilla ice-cream with chocolate sauce (for the sweet option)!

When I get cross...
You'll know about it!

Sometimes I worry because/about...
Spending too much money, wedding plans, silly things.

My favourite book is...
(currently) Before I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson.

My favourite toy...
Gadget-wise it's my iPhone and camera.

I dislike...
Spiders (dislike isn't a strong enough word!), snobs, bad grammar, other people coughing, being interrupted unnecessarily.

When I grow up I want to be...
Continuing with my blog and an owner of my own business - preferably fashion-related!

I tag everyone who wishes to take part. Please let me know if you do take part as I'd love to read your answers!
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