10 December 2013

So In Fashion: Top 10 Picks | Fashion

So In Fashion is a pretty recent discovery to me, so I thought I'd put together my top ten picks for you to check out. They have lots of great dresses at affordable prices; perfect for all the Christmas parties!

1. Noel Sequin Dress, £35
I love this dress! I really love it in navy-blue; it works really well and is a great alternative to gold or silver, if that's not your cup of tea.
2. Una Zebra Sequin Dress, £37
This knee length dress will give you an elegant party look. With gold sequined zebra pattern.
3. Beckie Necklace, £13
I love this overlapping feathers necklace! A great statement piece. There is also a matching bangle!
I've seen Liz at What Liz Loves wearing the gold version of this lovely necklace which she got from the SGS shop.

4. Ebony Checked Mini Shift Dress, £25
Checked patterns are all the rage this season, so get your hands on this cute shift dress for a stylish, casual day outfit.
5. Cressida Snakeskin Jeans, £32.50
These chocolate-coloured jeans are really unusual; I've never seen anything like these before. These could easily be dressed up or down for an interesting outfit!
6. Minka Jumper, £25
If you're looking for some new knitwear pieces, check this long length jumper out; it has a woven print on the neckline and is made from soft-knit fabric.

7. Riri Sequin Skirt, £25
If you can't get enough of sequins this season, then you'll love this zig zag sequin-covered mini skirt!
8. Christmas Jumper, £15
Get set for Christmas with this pretty, festive jumper that isn't too in-your-face.
9. Cait Skater Dress, £35
I love the embellished collar on this skater dress. I think this would look great teamed with a faux fur coat, embellished clutch and sparkly shoes.
10. Bailey Baroque Jeans, £25
Baroque prints are pretty popular and I really like these black printed jeans.
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  1. I love the first two dresses so much!! I also think that necklace is gorgeous. Its really striking and unusual! Yet again my eye is taken to sparkles and the riri skirt, That's so nice. I also like the baroque jeans - Another selection of great items!! :0)

  2. thejollyfashionista10 December 2013 at 22:21

    Hi Paul, thanks again, glad you like the picks! The first dress is definitely my favourite! x


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