21 December 2013

Designer Focus: Sheila Fleet Jewellery | Fashion

I'd like to introduce you to Sheila Fleet Jewellery. Sheila Fleet is based in Orkney, Scotland and she creates beautiful, handmade, bespoke jewellery collections. Sheila has a passion for her island environment and reflects this in her wonderful designs. I discovered Sheila Fleet Jewellery years ago, while studying Art & Design at college and fell in love with her beautiful creations. Unfortunately I'm not yet lucky enough to own one of her pieces, but one day I will!
I'd like to share my favourite pieces with you (it was very difficult to narrow down my selection as everything is just so beautiful!):

Atlantic Breaker Pendant, £156-£159
The Atlantic Breaker collection was inspired by the forms, shapes, colours and moods of the The North Sea.
This pendant is so very pretty. I love the sea-coloured enamel shapes.

Kiss Bangle, £239
The Kiss collection is a romantic interpretation inspired by the natural wild grasses of the windswept shorelines in Orkney and Northern Scotland.
This silver bangle is so delicate and features two Cubic Zirconia gemstones.

Lava Stream Ring, £115
The Lava Stream collection designs reflect the movement of bright lava as it streams down from a volcano.
I love the beaten look of this silver ring and the fire-coloured enamel is beautiful.

Mill Sand Brooch, £133
The Mill Sand collection is named after the beach below Sheila's workshop in Tankerness, Orkney.
I love the the mix of red, purple and green enamel in this pretty silver brooch.
Moonlight Earrings, £100
The Moonlight collection is inspired by the moon's soft reflection across the sea which is "a mystical staircase to the stars".
These silver earrings feature sea-coloured enamel, a Cubic Zirconia stone and a gorgeous moonstone each.

Morning Dew Ring, £133
The Morning Dew collection reflects a magical natural phenomenon; as dawn breaks, dew drops glisten on wild grasses like jewels in the morning light.
This has to be one of my favourite pieces. The intricate design is very beautiful and features crystal clear enamel, a CZ stone and a moonstone.

Paisley Leaf Bracelet, £323
The Paisley Leaf collection focuses on the well-known Paisley leaf which originated from motifs representing the date palm leaf in Babylon over 2000 years ago.
This bracelet is really pretty; I love the green-blue coloured enamel and the way the leaves are linked together.

River Ripples Ring, £638
(I thought I'd better include at least one gold item for you gold-lovers!)
The River Ripples collection feature free-flowing designs which were inspired by the natural ripples left in the sand after water has passed over it.
I love the ripple design on this gold ring. Also features two diamonds.

Secret Hearts Necklet, £65-£69
The hearts in these designs are reversible and can be worn either way, depending on which side the wearer wishes to reveal.
Another favourite of mine. This is something I dream of receiving as a gift from Dean one day...(I hope you're reading this, Dean!)

Have you heard of Sheila Fleet Jewellery? Do you own any of her pieces?
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  1. What a gorgeous collection. I think my favourite is the Morning Dew ring. Just gorgeous xxx


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