26 November 2013

My Top 3 Hand Creams | Beauty

Hi guys! How's everyone's Christmas shopping going? All my family's gifts are wrapped and just need to be shipped off to Scotland! I've only got a few more things to get for Dean and then that's me finished.
As hand care is very important to me, especially throughout Autumn and Winter, I thought I'd share my top three hand creams with you!

1. Gloves In A Bottle, RRP £10.42 £9.26/240ml @ Chemist Direct
This is my all-time favourite hand cream! The only hand cream I've found that truly heals my hands, doesn't sting on any cuts or broken skin and keeps them hydrated.
Gloves In A Bottle is a treatment designed specifically for dry skin, with an added shielding lotion. This lotion absorbs into skin quicker than any other hand product I've ever used. This formula is quite thin but you only need a small amount at a time. Instead of replacing your natural oils with artificial oils, like a lot hand creams do, this particular hand treatment bonds with the outer layer of your skin to help lock in your natural oils and moisture. By doing this, your skin is protected against being stripped of it's natural moisture and becoming irritated, dry and cracked from harsh chemicals and over-washing. Fragrance, colourant and paraben free. This lotion will not be washed away when you wash your hands; it comes of naturally with exfoliating skin cells. It is suggested you re-apply this lotion every 4-12 hours for continued protection. This lotion isn't just for your hands; you can also use it all over your body and on your face. Because it is so expensive, I don't use it on my body, but I have recently been using it as a facial moisturiser as my last moisturiser ran out. It seems to be working well on my face and is calming my skin.
Gloves In A Bottle is an American-based brand but is widely available in the UK. It is quite an expensive product but if you shop around, you should be able to find it for a discounted price. Smaller versions are also available. To be honest, I don't mind paying a high price for this product as it is my hands' saviour!
2. Soap & Glory Hand Food, £5/125ml @ Boots
This is my second favourite hand product. This hand cream smells absolutely divine! Hand Food is a non-greasy, hydrating hand cream with shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow. It's not recommended for use on irritated or damaged skin, so I like to use this when my hands are in a fair condition. For me, this isn't an anytime product as it's not absorbed into the skin quite as fast as Gloves In A Bottle, so if I know I'm not about to do any chores or go out driving e.t.c then I will apply this cream. Only a small amount is needed. This cream is very softening on the hands and feels luxurious due to the lovely scent. I think, at just £5, this is a very good value for money product.
3. Hemp Hand Protector, £10/100ml @ The Body Shop
This best-selling hand treatment is specifically designed for very dry skin. A hard-working moisturiser with Community Fair Trade hemp seed oil. I feel this is quite a thick, intensive formula so I prefer to apply this only at night as it is quite a greasy hand cream and takes quite some time to fully absorb so it is unsuitable for anytime use. Again, only a small amount is needed. I've tried other products from The Body Shop's Hemp range and they are pretty good products, especially on dry skin. I'm just not overly keen on the hemp scent. As you can see in the photo, I'm nearly finished my tube of this cream and although I like and recommend this product, I won't be repurchasing for some time as it is also quite expensive and I am satisfied with just having the other two hand creams in my life for now. I will say that I don't like the packaging of this hand cream because the  foil/metal (?) tube can develop tiny holes and leak a little when you are coming to the end of the tube.

I'd love to hear your opinions on any of these products if you have used them before!
Look out for my latest The Body Shop haul, coming soon! I just couldn't resist placing an order this evening with £25 off a £50 spend!
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