06 November 2013

My DIY Jewellery Storage | Fashion

A few days ago I decided to do a little DIY project I had planned on doing sometime last year. I originally got my inspiration for the idea from Pinterest. It was really simple to do and didn't take very long. If you would like to do your own one, you will need one large box photo frame (I bought this one from Wilkinsons), approx. 5-10 silver hooks (you could also use brass or white ones) which are widely available on eBay and either some wrapping paper, wall paper or other suitable material in a pattern of your choice.
Unfortunately the frame I bought had a glass front so we had to smash that out which was quite annoying, so if possible get yourself one without any glass!

Start with laying all the jewellery you intend to hang on it on the frame's board and decide where you want to place the items on the board. You could always take a photograph of everything in place so you remember where you want it to go. Then mark where you want the hooks to go. I put the hooks in by hand which did take some time but you could probably use a drill instead. Once all the hooks are in place, take them out and take the back of the frame out so you can wrap it in your chosen paper. I used wrapping paper and sellotaped it around the back of the frame neatly. Then carefully find the holes and put the hooks back in, through the paper. Once all hooks are secured in place, place all your chosen jewellery on the hooks and voilĂ !

If your jewellery is contained within the frame you have the option not to hang it on the wall and keep it propped up on your dressing table, but if like mine your jewellery overhangs the frame, I'd recommend hanging it up. You could also paint the frame any colour too. I've left mine natural but may end up painting it white. The great thing is, if you get bored of the paper you could change it after a while!

Do let me know if you chose to do this DIY project or if you've done something similar already!
I hope you enjoyed this post!

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