03 October 2013

LUSH | Haul

I recently placed an order online from LUSH. I'd been toying with the idea for a month or so, and now that the colder months are here and my hands are beginning to get a bit battered, I thought I would treat myself. I have always felt that this time of year should be when we pamper and treat ourselves the most. There is such a thing as the Winter blues, so we need to keep our body and soul happy!
The reason I held off for a while is because I find LUSH products on the expensive side, so that's why I see their products as an occasional treat.
My order arrived today, and although you know the weight/size of the product you are ordering by selecting your size option online, you can't always picture the actual size and when I saw some of mine, I did feel a bit like "Oh sh*t." because this order cost nearly £40 and really there wasn't much to show for it!
I'm just hoping that the products last ages and have some sort of magical, mystical properties!

Here's what I purchased:

Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask, £5.95/75g
This fresh face mask is targeted at spot-prone skin and features ingredients such as garlic, white grapes, free range eggs, tea tree oil and honey.
The garlic and tea tree oil have anti-septic qualities. The grapes are meant to cool and clean the skin. Honey is anti-microbal and should soften and moisturise the skin. The fresh eggs tighten the skin's texture.
The formula is designed in such a way so as not to drag or pull sore, sensitive skin.
Thankfully, the tea tree outweighs the smell of the garlic but overall the product doesn't smell brilliant, but this is because it is left to the natural ingredients to do their work!
This was my main purchase. I bought this because my skin has suddenly broken out in spots, so I wanted to try this fresh face mask to try and clear it up. I will post a review soon.

Bubblegum Lip Scrub, £5.50/25g
After hearing about this little pot of wonder on a couple of blogs recently, I was really excited to try it!
This lip scrub claims to clear dead skin and flakiness from your lips and leave them feeling smooth and moisturised. You're even allowed to lick off the excess, which has a bubblegum candy floss flavour! Yummy!
I do suffer from chapped lips most of the year and so I had been looking for a lip scrub or exfoliator to try out.
I tried this today and instantly see and feel a difference! It smells so deliciously sweet! The application is good and you only need a tiny amount so I do think this pot will last ages. The grains are just right because they're not too rough on your lips. Now, I did lick it off but instantly regretted it. It has a very synthetic taste and made me ask the question, "Should I really be digesting this?!" So, yeah, I wouldn't recommend that part!

Helping Hands Hand Cream, £7.50/100g
As I have said many times in the past, my hands are prone to getting dry, cracked e.t.c. and I have very sensitive skin. I was looking to try a new hand product and this one sounded perfect because it was actually created with nurses and people who have very dry and over-washed hands in mind. I work in a care home and am constantly washing my hands e.t.c. and have always suffered from very dry hands.
This absorbent hand cream features ingredients such as almond oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, honey, lavender oil, African marigold oil and chamomile water.
The almond oil and butters are rich and moisturising for your hands. The chamomile water reduces redness. The marigold oil treats the sore and broken skin.
I will post a review soon.

Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo, £8.95/250g
I bought this shampoo as it claims to tame fluffy, frizzy hair and leave it really shiny. Recently my hair has been really frizzy!
This shampoo is filled with half a bottle of vegan Irish stout, sea salt, organic lemon juice, cognac oil, lemongrass oil and balsamic vinegar.
The vinegar and lemon juice close the hair cuticle, give shine and should help to lie the hair flat.
Beer has been a popular folk hair remedy for centuries.
I will post a review soon.

Banana Moon Soap, £4.20/100g
This was a last minute purchase on my order. I love the smell of banana products and found this so I had to have it!
The ingredients include organic bananas, yoghurt, coconut oil and rapeseed oil. This soap is rich in protein and calcium. Yogurt is a popular remedy for skin irritations and is moisturising.
Okay, so I used this in the shower this evening. Now, I will start off by saying that I am not a user of bar soaps, but it was the whole banana-ness of this that made me buy it! I just hate that literal "squeaky clean" feeling on your skin. This smells lovely, lather was okay. But, I was really disappointed that the smell vanished almost immediately after showering!

I also received a tiny sample of this along with my order:

T for Toes, £4.45/60g
A deodorising foot powder to use on feet and in shoes to prevent bacteria and odours. Contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial essential oils. As this is such a teeny tiny pot, I will be using it in my work shoes.
I think it will work well with getting rid of or masking odours as it has a really strong smell. I'd say a citrus smell. Beware though, it's super messy! At least, this little sample pot is, but maybe the full size bottle has a better application method.

I hope you enjoyed this post and please do let me know if you've tried any of these products and what you thought of them!

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  1. I absolutely love Lush products they are amazing!! I have the bubblegum lipscrub and I just want to eat it its yummy ha



    1. Me too, I love opening the box of goodies when they arrive! Just hoping these will be winners! The lip scrub smells beautiful! Not keen on the taste though. It's an awesome product though! x

  2. ooo I have a voucher from lush...may need to pop in now!!

    Check out and enter my Giveaway!!! :-) :-)

    1. Well, if you have a voucher then there's absolutely no excuse not to treat yourself! Cool, I will check it out! Love your blog, I'm now following you on BlogLovin'. :) x

  3. absolutely love reading lush hauls I'm obsessed with their products i have never heard of their banana soap before its a shame the scent doesn't last! xx

    An Uninventive Name

    1. Yeah, the scent seems to disappear pretty quickly. Might be better as a hand soap - perhaps using it throughout the day would build up the scent. I've got my eye on The Body Shop's banana shampoo & conditioner now! x

  4. I agree with the too expensive sentiment, Lush products used to be cheaper a few years ago and I used to shop there all the time, my fav was the Skinny Dip soap bar, nowadays I go in and walk straight back out feeling like a pauper! Great post!x

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I hadn't shopped there for a while and did think they seemed more expensive than last time. It's a shame as their products are really good! Plus, I've never seen them do any special offers like money off orders e.t.c. x


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