29 September 2013

Treacle Moon The Candy Jar Marsh Mallow Hearts Bath & Shower Gel | Review

"Deep in the night when all dreams come true there is a candy store laden with gloriously coloured jars, each filled with memories so beautiful you want them to stay forever..."
 I was so excited to see the new range by Treacle Moon (available at selected Tesco stores)...
The Candy Jar range!
I picked up the Marsh Mallow Hearts Bath & Shower Gel for £2.99:

I initially tested it as a bath product:
(Like my added sparkle?!)

As a bath product, it has a moderate bubble production (bubbles are very important to me!) and the scent is quite subtle.
But, as a shower gel, this is amazing! The scent is much stronger and it truly does smell lush, although smells a tiny bit synthetic, and the lather is great.
I've always loved Treacle Moon's products as they are really inventive with their products and the packaging is always fun to read!

Here is the full Candy Jar range:

I need the Ice Cream Soda one! Hope I can find it in a Tesco store soon!

Have you tried any of these lovely products?

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