10 September 2013

The Leaping Bunny | Say NO To Animal Testing

I recently made the decision that I am no longer going to be purchasing/using products that have been tested on animals. After some research, it is apparent that there are lots of other methods available for testing products. Sources say that even if a product blinds an animal during testing, it can still be marketed to us.

I am not in a financial position where I can just throw away all the products that have or may have been tested on animals that I currently have in my household, so this will be a slow transition as I will need to use up unfinished products before I can replace them.
For an official list of cruelty-free approved brands available in the UK, you can download an online version or sign up for a free copy to be sent in the post here.
Look out for the Leaping Bunny logo on products.

I thought I'd share with you a few of my favourite cruelty-free brands:

The Body Shop - Beauty Products inspired by Nature and Ethically made

Faith In Nature

What are your personal views on this topic? What are your favourite cruelty-free brands?

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