21 September 2013

Today's Outfit | Fashion

Hi guys! Hope everyone's having a good weekend! I spent most of my day doing housework which is just as exciting as it sounds! And here's what I wore:
(Please excuse the lack of make-up - I was being lazy!)

Top, Asos | Jeans, Dorothy Perkins | Shoes, Asda | Necklace, eBay

I had been looking for a pearl cluster necklace for some time and managed to pick this one up for just £3.50 inc. P&P from eBay! I'll be showing you a couple more new necklace buys soon.
This knitted Asos top is a recent purchase and is fast becoming a favourite!
And check out our latest homeware purchase - Percy the cat! Named by the other half, might I add! It has an African-type theme and I'd seen it a few times in this shop and finally gave in and bought it!

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